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Testing Readiness for Devices


  • Take care of your device while it is at home.
  • Charge your device each night.
  • Make sure the device is connected to a working outlet/surge.
    Power on the device while it is charging. This will allow it to receive necessary district updates and installs.
  • Be careful with your device as you are traveling to school (bus, car, walking).
  • Bring your device to school with you each day!


  • Take care of your device while it is at school.
  • Be careful not to close the lid with pens and pencils on the keyboard.
  • Be careful how you carry and move your device from class to class or how you store it when not in use.
  • Remember to restart your device if you have issues. Closing the lid does not shut down or restart the device.
  • Visit the Device Coordinator at your school if you have any technical issues.