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Student Laptops

Student Laptop Devices 2019-20


We are excited to again offer our students the opportunity to receive a school-issued Dell laptop computer as part of the district’s one-to-one device initiative.  In order to receive a device, students and parents must sign the enclosed “Device User Agreement” and hand-in to their homeroom teacher.  Homeroom teachers will be accepting Device User Agreements as early as Verification Day (Thur 8/8 for sixth graders and Fri 8/9 for seventh and eighth graders).  While we are asking students to turn in these forms as early as possible, we will not be issuing the devices until the third or fourth week of the school year.  Unfortunately, our devices form last school year have been recalled, and the Fulton Schools IT department is working with Dell to provide us with brand new Dell 3300 computers for our students.  We appreciate your patience as we wait to receive these new devices!  Please keep in mind that if your student has an outstanding device fine, it must be paid prior to receiving a new device.  Thank you.