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Principal's Message: Important Announcement


 July 8, 2021

Hello Sandtown Family,

Welcome back Sandtown Jaguars! I am so excited to welcome you back to another excellent year of teaching and learning. As the summer winds down, our team of leaders, teachers, and support staff are preparing to welcome our scholars back to school! As we engage our parents and scholars over the next few weeks through various welcome back events, we anxiously await the return of our scholars!

 ● Upcoming Events:

6th Grade Summer Bridge, Open House, and First Days of School-Town Hall Sessions

Our school day will look and feel different. Most notably, we will welcome all of our scholars back to school for a structured in-person learning setting; our viewpoint and strategies for learning have improved. We have learned so much from the pandemic; our new norm has been reimagined! I am so thrilled about enrichment opportunities and academic growth goals we have set for our amazing scholars.

Over the next few weeks, information will be shared to prepare you for our return to school. It is recommended that all parents check the Summer and Back-to-School SMORE weekly, as well as the monthly Principal’s newsletters that are shared via SMORE and on our website. The SMORE will include key dates and events, as well as school-related information. Your engagement will ultimately lead to success for your scholar. Your active engagement this year is so very important to continuing our motto: Success for Every Student through Excellence! In advance, thank you for continuing to help us seek excellence in all that we do! Your advocacy is warranted and appreciated.

 Please review the information below to remain connected:

Summer information Newsletter


Summer information Newsletter Sixth Grade Summer Bridge

It's now time to register for our 6th Grade Summer Bridge! We are so excited to welcome our 6th grade scholars to the home of the Jaguars! Sandtown Middle School is a great place to learn and grow with an expectation of excellence. The Summer Bridge is a 2-day mini-camp that will allow our scholars to experience middle school and understand the dynamics of JAG SWAG.

Back-to-School Open House/Sneak-A-Peek: August 5, 2021

● 6th Grade (9:30 - 11:30 a.m.)

● 7th and 8th Grade (1:00 - 3:00 p.m.) Fill Up Your Cart: Back-to-School Preparation: Begins July 15, 2021

● The SWAG CART: Fill up your cart! Make one payment using OSP, Online School Payments, by filling up your cart. OSP will open on July 15,, 2021 ○ Lockers: $20.00

○ Grade Level Fees: TBD


All students who are currently assigned a car-rider number will retain their current car rider number for the new school year; tags will be placed in the car window for a more efficient car-rider process.

○ Click here to register for a new car-rider number

Please continue to practice social distancing, Jag Mask-It and continue to take good care of our scholars!

Thanks to all, please remember: “You are so awesome! You are so amazing! Your scholars need you and you are making a difference in their lives. Keep on teaching, Teachers! Keep on leading, Leaders! Keep on supporting, Support Staff! Keep on parenting, Parents! Everyone-Keep on making the difference.”

Proud Principal & Your Partner,

Principal Miley

Sandtown is proud to be a Title I Reward School!