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FCS Launchpad application will now be called "ClassLink"

Launchpad - the FCS personalized cloud desktop that gives students access to school from anywhere - will now be called ClassLink on all FCS devices and FCS Websites. 

This name change will occur on July 17, 2019, after the completion of Summer School.


On FCS Managed Devices

The new blue ClassLink app icon is now being installed on all District managed devices. There may be some District managed windows laptops and devices that still have the old green shortcut named “FCS LaunchPad” and can still be used to access Application Dashboard “ClassLink” if the blue icon is not available.



On the FCS District/School Websites

The original icon for Launchpad on the FCS district website will remain the same but the text for the icon will be updated to ClassLink. These changes will aslo be reflected on individual school websites.

Name Change


More About ClassLink

Accessible from any device, ClassLink is ideal for Personalized Learning and BYOD initiatives. Multiple views include an innovatively simple virtual desktop and an empowering instructional desktop. With more and different devices showing up in the classrooms today, users expecting 24/7 access, and schools needing to lower costs, a different approach is needed and quick. ClassLink gives you real time access to your cloud files and apps.