Technology Competition

  • Thank you for participating in the 

    19th Annual Fulton County Tech Competition 

    December 14th, 2019

    Centennial High School
    9310 Scott Road

    Roswell, Ga.  30076


    1st Place Fulton County winners advance to the Ga State Competition!  


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    State Competitors:  Important Information Below!  

    **State Competition Website**

    **Letter for State Competitiors-Important!  **

     **All Students Must Print and Bring a "Waiver and Release Form" to the State Competition (Link Below)**

    Link to Form: 





    2020-2021 Fulton County Tech Competition Information:

    Be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your judging time to check in at the registration table.

     Please bring your own technology, do screenshots before the competition.  

    Liaison Information

    Information for the 2019-2020 Technology Competition for school liaisons:

    You must be a registered liaison in order to access our registration system.

     Register to be your school's liaison. Each school in Fulton County needs a liaison.

    **All registered students should have a parent consent form on file that will be stored at each school. 

    How can you prepare as a Liaison? 

    • Review the Fulton County Technology Competition Overview page to get a big picture of this event and see the Liaison FAQ's.
    • Review the Competition CategoriesRubrics & Resources & Competition FAQ's to ensure you are familiar with the different categories, student project expectations & what will happen on the actual competition day.
    • Review the Judging Details to get an idea of how your students will be judged at the county (& state) competition.
    • Decide how students will be selected to represent your school. (Only 1 project per age group and category can represent your school). 
      • It is up to each school how they handle who will represent the school at the county competition as long as the selections are made prior to competition day.   
      • Will you host a school competition? 
      • Will you host a Tech Fair and select one project per category & age group to represent your school? 
      • Tip #1-Be sure all students who will participate in the county competition have a signed parent consent form before competition day (FCS Competition day is 12/14)
      • Tip #2-You will need to know student T-shirt sizes if you register students on the state registration site. (They all get a T- shirt if they go to the State Competition).  


    Volunteer & Judge Information

    Register to Volunteer or Judge for the Fulton County Schools Student Technology Competition. (No experience required. Please share with anyone you think might be interested in volunteering or judging). 

    If you work outside FCS, complete the volunteer orientation.




    2020-2021 Fulton County Technology Competition Questions and Answers:         

    School Liaison:  We can only have one name per school because that is how the registration piece works.  A Vanguard member, METI, Career Tech teacher, TAG teacher, etc…make the best liaisons as they have more direct contact with students.  As the STS has other technical responsibilities, he/she should not serve as the school liaison.

    How many projects can I enter?  1 project per grade grouping per category

    Does my school have to host a Tech Competition to determine who goes to the County Competition?  You do not have to have a school-based competition. It is up to the individual school to determine which projects are presented at the competition. Some schools have a local competition, others do first-come/first-served, still others have a teacher or group of teachers decide. If you have your own competition, you can use whatever criteria you wish. It would be to your students advantage to use the rubrics on the Tech Fair website as that will give them a better understanding of what the judges are looking for.

    Should my students study the rubric?  Yes!  Students need to understand what the judges are looking for. The rubrics are intentionally broad to allow for diverse thinking and creativity.

    How many students can be on a team?  Students can be on a team with either 1 or 2 people. Students can compete out of their grade band, but they must compete at the grade level of the highest student. For example, if a 4th grader competed with a sibling who was in 6th grade then they have to compete at the 6th grade level.

    Can I send a proxy if a student is sick and cannot attend?  Unfortunately, if a child is sick they cannot send a proxy. The judges are looking to question the person who did the work as the judging is more focused on the student's knowledge of the project and less on the overall end-product.

    Should students bring their own computers?  Yes

    Will there be an awards ceremony at the competition?  Due to the heavy number of students competing, there will be no awards ceremony at the competition.  Winners will be celebrated at their local school!

    Additional FAQ Questions and Answers.

    Advisory Committee

    Hoke Wilcox
    Maryelizabeth Ward
    Tom Lamb

    Carolyn Hutcheson-METI Ocee Elementary

    Nan Brown-METI Webb Bridge Middle School
    Anitra Morris-Heritage Elementary School

    Beth Valentine-METI Hapeville Elementary School
    Selena McNeill-METI Stonewall Tell Elementary School

    Susan Brandon- METI Lake Windward Elementary

    Jessica Jackson- METI Crabapple Crossing Elementary

    Kathleen Simon-METI Hillside Elementary School

    Welcome Committee
    List Scholberg-METI Independence High School 

    Mandi Bell-METI

    Congratulations to the 2019 winners of the technology competition. Our judges viewed 500 plus projects from more than 500 students in 15 different categories at Centennial High School during last year's Technology Competition.  First place winners in the Fulton County Technology Competition then advanced to the Georgia Student Technology Competition (GaSTC).  The GaSTC will be held at Kennesaw State University this March.  Fulton was well represented last year with over 60 projects at the GaSTC.


Contact Us

Please Note:

  •  2020-2021 Fulton County Programming Challenge Participants

    You must be checked in at the competition by 8:30 AM and be in the judging room by 8:45 AM.

    You will be given your questions and 2 hours to work. Your appointment time
    is to discuss your work with the judges.

    Students in this category who arrive after 9 AM will not be allowed to compete!



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