• In order to support learning, Fulton County Schools is providing devices to all students in grades PreK - 12. These devices are like textbooks because the device is checked out by the student, and the student is fully responsible for taking care of and keeping up with their device at all times. And just like with textbooks, fines are associated with lost or damaged devices. Please note that elementary students do not bring their devices home. 

    Student Device User Agreement

    When a student receives a device, it is implied that the Student Device User Agreement is being accepted in its entirety by the student and parents/guardian; therefore, students and parents/guardians are held responsible for all information within the agreement. A printed copy of the Student Device User Agreement was provided to each student at the beginning of the school year. It is also available on the Woodland website and the Fulton County Schools website

    Ultimately, the students are taking the following Student Pledge: 

    1. I will take good care of my school-issued device.
      1. Cords and cables must be inserted carefully into the device to prevent damage. 
      2. Devices must never be left in an unlocked locker, car, or any unsupervised area. 
      3. Report any software/hardware issued to your teacher and device coordinators as soon as possible. 
      4. Keep the device in a well-protected, temperature-controlled environment when not in use.
    2. I will never loan out my school-issued device to other individuals (including siblings). 
    3. I will keep food and beverages away from my device since they may cause damage to the device. 
    4. I will not disassemble, jail break, or hack into any part of my or any school-issued device or attempt any repairs. 
    5. I will use my school-issued device in ways that are appropriate and meet the school's expectations - whether at school, home, or anywhere else. If I use my device in any way that is inappropriate, I may be disciplined by the school. 
    6. I will not place decorations on the school-issued device. I will not deface the serial number sticker on any school-issued device. 
    7. I understand that my school-issued device is subject to inspection at any time without my notice and remains the property of Fulton County Schools. Nothing I do with the device is private, and nothing I have on the device is private. 
    8. I will not share my password(s) with anyone other than my teacher, an adult from my school, or a parent/guardian. 
    9. I understand that if I damage or lose my device, or if it is stolen, I will have to pay a fine. 

    Device Care Presentation & Expectations

    In addition to receiving the Student Device User Agreement at the beginning of the school year, all students took part in a Device Care presentationsession where clear device care expectations and potential fines were reviewed. Below is a list, although not comprehensive, of device care expectations: 

    • Shut down the device at the end of each day.
    • Disinfect/wipe the screen and keyboard with soft cloth each day.
    • Carry the device by the base, not by the screen.
    • Keep device away from food and drink.
    • Keep chargers in good working order and mind the cord when charging.
    • Place device on solid surfaces while working, not on beds or couches.
    • Dropped devices result in shattered screens and damaged hard drives.
    • FCS Property Control stickers should not be removed.
    • Personalized stickers on the device are a nope.
    • Devices don't like it too hot or too cold.
    • Take care of the hinges - even if it can be put in tablet mode, you probably shouldn't because the hinges are super sensitive.

    Fines Associated with Damages / Loss

    All district-issued devices are property of the Fulton County School District. Therefore, if a device is damaged, lost, or stolen during the time that it is issued to the student, whether intentionally or due to negligence, the student and the student's parent/guardian will be responsible for paying the below fines: 

    • Lost or Stolen Device: $250 Fine + $10 Online School Payment processing fee = $260 Total
    • Damaged Device: $100 Fine + $5 Online School Payment processing fee = $105 Total
    • Lost or Damaged Charger: $30 Fine + $2 Online School Payment processing fee = $32 Total 

    Printed fine notices are sent home with the student. 

    Devices for New Students

    When new students enroll, the parent/guardian does not need to contact the teacher or device coordinators to request a device. New students are automatically added to a tracking software used to determine the number of students without a device. We have recently been experiencing a severe shortage of devices, so new students have to wait longer than usual to get their new device. Please understand that the device team immediately disperses devices when they are received.  

    Replacement Devices

    The above information for new student devices also applies to students that need a replacement device. When a device is taken from the student due to damage or repair, the device is checked in and removed from the student's account; therefore, the student is added to the tracking software used to determine the number of students without a device. Parents/guardians do not need to contact the teacher or device coordinators to request a new device. If a fine is assessed due to damage or loss, the fine still needs to be paid even if the student receives a replacement device.