IB Academic Options

  • Students at Westlake High School are able to enroll in the IB Diploma Program as Course Candidates or Diploma Candidates.

    Requirements for Course Candidates

    Students who desire to take individual IB courses at Westlake High School may do so either through the Westlake Magnet Program course selection process or through the IB Diploma Course application. Both processes occur in the fall of a student's sophomore year.

    Students who apply to take IB courses as a Course Candidate are evaluated based on their academic progress to-date, as well as their graduation requirements to determine eligibility.

    Requirements for the IB Diploma

    Complete all required Internal and External Assessments, including Exams, in 6 IB DP Subjects

    • 3 tests must be taken as Higher Level (HL)
    • 3 tests must be taken as Standard Level (SL)

    Complete the requirements of the IB DP Core

    • Complete internal and external assessments in Theory of Knowledge
    • Write an Extended Essay of approximately 4,000 words
    • Complete a thorough Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) portfolio.

    Earn a minimum of 24 out of 45 points through IB course assessment and the DP Core requirements