Welcome to the Woodland ES Media Center

  • Jessy Garris Porter and her Library Assistant, Sterlande Altidor are the two people making magic happen in the library. Ms. Altidor handles all circulation desk duties and is typically seen floating around the library re-shelving books or helping students at the circulation desk. Ms. Porter handles all back-office duties and is responsible for teaching classes and finding content-related resources for teachers.
    With their powers combined, it is their mission to ensure the library is an accessible resource that provides a wide variety of digital and print materials to enhance student learning and hope to inspire students to become life-long learners and self-sufficient seekers of knowledge by providing them with the space and resources necessary for authentic learning experiences.

Library Policies and Procedures

  • Check Out


    • Special weekly check out day and time - check with teacher for specific day and time
    • Monthly story time
    • Allowed ONE book at a time

    1st Grade

    • Special weekly check out day and time - check with teacher for specific day and time
    • Monthly story time
    • Allowed TWO books at a time

    2nd - 5th Grade

    • Designated check out days, please see schedule below: 
      • Monday & Wednesday - 2nd & 4th
      • Tuesday & Thursday - 3rd & 5th 
    • Allowed TWO books and ONE magazine at a time

    Book Return / Cleaning Procedures

    Students can keep their library book(s) for up to two weeks. When students return their library books, the book is checked in and then sits in a quarantine bin for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, the books are removed, cleaned with disinfectant, and placed back on the shelves.

    Book Care

    Students are expected to keep their books in decent condition. Books should be kept away from baby brothers and sisters (drool), dogs (bite marks), scissors, crayons, pens, water, liquids of any sort,
    mystery substances, stickers, and food. 

    Also, if you know you will be withdrawing your student, please check and make sure all library books have been returned.

    Overdue Notices

    Overdue notices for materials overdue by 30+ days and one week before report cards are sent home. You and your child can also check their library account by logging into Classlink, clicking on Destiny, and then clicking "My Info" at the top of the page. 

    Fines, Paying Fines, & Report Cards

    All fines from previous years have been waived; however, if you still have a library book from a previous school year, please return it! We would love to have it back.

    We do not charge fines for overdue books – that starts in Middle School. We do, however, charge fines for the following reasons:

    • Lost Book: Total purchase price of the book not to exceed $15 will be charged to the account.
    • Water/Liquid Damage: Mold spores take only 48 hours to grow; therefore, all water/liquid damaged books will be removed from circulation. Total purchase price of the book not to
      exceed $15 will be charged to the account.
    • Irreparable Damage: Whole pages missing, multiple page tears, pictures cut out, pen drawings, etc. The total purchase price of the book not to exceed $15 will be charged to the account.

    All fines can be paid using the Online School Payments portal located on the Woodland Elementary website Woodland / Homepage (fultonschools.org). We can no longer accept cash or check for any fines. Please note that at the end of the transaction, a service fee will be applied to the total amount. 

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept replacements. I understand that what seems to be the same book can be found for less on Amazon, but all books are purchased from a specific vendor and have been library bound, reinforced, and pre-processed.

    If you would like to discuss financial assistance options for a lost or damaged book, please email me porterj4@fultonschools.org.

    Also, if you would prefer that your child not check out books from the Woodland library, please let me know.

    The SSEF Free Mini Library

    We are fortunate to have a Free Mini Library that is continuously stocked by the volunteers of Sandy Springs Education Force. Children can take one or two books at a time from the free mini-library that is in the media center. There is a sticker on the book that says “This book is from the SSEF Free Mini Library and is yours to keep”, so your child does not need to bring that book back to school.

    Book Donations

    If you have any gently used children’s books you would like to donate to the SSEF Free Mini Library, you can send them to the library at any point during the school year.

Meet the METI



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education - Kennesaw State University Master's in School Library Media Sciences - University of West Georgia Talented and Gifted Certified Middle Grades (4-8) Science Certified Elementary Reading Endorsement

Mrs. Jessica Porter

I love being the Media and Educational Technology Instructor (METI) at Woodland Elementary. The 2023 - 2024 school year marks my 16th year in education and at Woodland! I taught first grade for two years, third grade for four years, technology for one year, and the rest have been in the library as the METI. 

I am a product of Cobb County's school media centers and public libraries. Many of my best childhood memories are library days, where my grown up would take me to the public library to browse the books and check out as many as my tote could carry. In elementary and middle school, I remember thinking the library was just a relaxing place to find books and read, but in high school, I began to see my library as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of school demands. It became a space where I felt I belonged, and it is my hope that I extend this same feeling to our students at Woodland. I strive to ensure that all of our students feel welcome in our space and that they are represented in our book collection.

Growing up, I thought I was going to be a marketing or journalism major, but I realized, rather quickly in college, that business classes were not for me. While contemplating switching my degree, I woke up one morning, and had the conviction that I was going to be an educator. Working with students and being a METI is not "just" a job for me - it is a passion and a calling. I also understand how much of a privilege and honor it is to teach the amazing students at Woodland Elementary. 

When I am not at Woodland, I can often be found with my nose in a book, visiting my favorite bookshop, Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, or browsing the shelves via my Libby app for my next audiobook (that commute goes much faster with a book). I also enjoy hiking with my husband and my dog, Lemmy, camping, and I am obsessed with National Parks. Actually, when I retire from education, I hope to become a park ranger with the National Park Service (NPS) where I can hopefully do educational programs with kids. 

Woodland ES Media Center Contact

  • Lead METI / Librarian: Jessy Garris Porter

    Media Center Assistant: Sterlande Altidor

    Email: porterj4@fultonschools.org

    Phone: 470 - 254 - 5890

    I am rarely ever in my office, so email is the best way to reach me!