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  • Dear Students and Parents:

    If you have not completed the Elective Selection form for the 2021-2022 school year, we have reopened the form for you. We ask that you please complete the form as soon as possible so that we have viable options for your student in the event that their recommended courses are full or there is a conflict. This must be completed by Wednesday, 3/3/21.

    Should your student not complete the form, your student’s counselor will need to select your elective classes for you with courses that are available in the Fall. 

    Students auditioning for or wanting to take upper-level IB, CTAE, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, or World Language classes will be recommended by teachers. Once auditions are complete, teachers will provide a list to counselors to schedule those students for those upper-level CTAE, performing arts classes. All others have already been recommended and can be viewed on the student’s Academic Plan in Infinite Campus. In the event that these choices result in conflicts or they are full, students should choose alternates on this form.

    A few reminders:

    *We need ALL students to fill out the form so that we have alternates in the event that your other courses are full or there is a conflict.

    *Students must be logged in to fill out the Elective Selection Form

    *Students can only fill out the form once, so please choose carefully.

    *The list of courses you see on the Academic Course Plan is not an actual schedule. It is a list of courses, not the periods you have them.

    Once the form opens, you will need to follow these instructions….

    • Question 1: Enter your Student ID/Lunch Number
    • Question 2: Enter your Name in this format….. Last name, First name, Example: Garcia,Kristina
    • Question 3: Use the drop down menu and choose the class that’s most        important to you….your first choice.
    • Question 4: Use the drop down menu and choose your second class option.
    • Question 5: Use the drop down menu and choose your third class option.
    • Question 6: Use the drop down menu to choose an alternate class that could be taught online, in case all other classes are full.
    • Question 7: Use the drop down menu to choose a second alternate class that could be taught online, in case all other classes are full.
    • Question 8: Enter your student email address…the email address you will check most often.
    • Question 9: Enter your parent’s email address.
    • Question 10: Read statements and click Yes you agree to the statements.
      • Click Send me an email receipt of my responses.
    • Final Step: Once you’ve reviewed your form and made all the choices you wanted and completed each question, click SUBMIT.

    !!!2021-2020 ELECTIVE SELECTION FORM!!!

    Senior Free Period

    All rising Seniors will have the opportunity to request a free period via the Verification/Change request during the next Verification Period beginning March 8. Students who are assigned a free period are required to complete their free period off campus. Students who request to have a free period must have the ability to come to school late (by second period) or to leave early (after 3rd period) as the free period is assigned.

    Again, this option will be available to rising seniors during the next Verification/Change request period from March 8 – 12, 2021.

    Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Kristina K. Garcia, Ed.D., M.A.

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  • Good morning Parents and Students, 

    This is a reminder that the students must complete their course verifications and their elective selection. The instructions and all needed resources are linked below for you.  


    Helpful Hints:  

    1. Your student must be logged into the Fulton County system to complete the form.

    2. Remember, you can only fill out each form once. There will be two other verifications if you realize you still need to make changes.  

    3. Teachers are recommending students for the upper-level courses. They should be in the Academic Plan.  

    4. Students must still choose electives as alternates just in case their first choices are full or there is a conflict. 

    DUE DATE: Friday, February 19th at 11:59pm 

    Verifications: Instructions with pictures  

    1. Log into Infinite Campus (this is the gradebook app)  

    2. Click on the Academic Plan on the side task bar  

    3. Click on “Next” or “Proceed”  

    4. Look at the courses listed for the core subject areas for the upcoming grade  

    5. Verify that they are correct  

    6. If they are CORRECT, fill out this form: Verification #1 Form  

    7. If they are INCORRECT, fill out this form: Verification #1 Form  

    8. You did it! Now move on to Election Requests!  

    DUE DATE: Friday, February 19th at 11:59pm 

    Elective Requests:  

    1. View the Academic Course Catalog  

    2. View the 10th- 12th Grade Elective Course Cards  

    3. View the FVS and GAVS course offerings for virtual  

    4. Decide which classes you would like to select  

    5. CHOOSE YOUR ELECTIONS! CLICK HERE! *You can ONLY fill this out once, so choose carefully!  

    6. If you have chosen an elective that requires and audition or an application, make sure to comply with due dates.  

    Thank you and I hope you have a great day.  

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  • Riverwood 2021-2022 Scheduling Verification #1

    Good evening parents and students!

    I hope you are doing well. This year we are working to simplify the scheduling and verification process. We have changed our process to accommodate both Remote and Face-to-Face learners. Last year, there were paper verification forms for you to review your course recommendations, elective requests, apply for peer leadership, work-based learning, or journalism, and to complete a waiver for course changes.

    This year all verification, elective selection, and application processes will be digital. The verifications will be accessed through Infinite Campus’ Student or Parent Portal. If you do not have access to Infinite Campus Parent Portal, please click this link. DIRECTIONS TO ACCESS INFINITE CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL

    There are three verifications that will be going out in the next few weeks and you will review both the core course recommendations and the elective subject selection choices by the due dates.

    Verification #1DUE 2/1- The teachers have already entered recommendations for next year, so you will be viewing your students’ course recommendations for their core courses for next year.

    Verification #2DUE 3/8- Students will have entered their elective choices. You will review your students’ elective choices.

    Verification #3Due 3/26- Student and parents will do one final review of their recommendations and elective choices for next year.


    1. Access your student’s course recommendations and requests:
      1. Directions to Verify recommendations and requests


    1. If all courses are CORRECT, fill out this form: Course Change/ Verification Form 2021-2022
    2. If courses are INCORRECT, fill out this form: Course Change/ Verification Form 2021-2022

    If you have any questions regarding any of these verifications, please reach out to your counselor.


    Are you still confused? We will be having a Parent Night on Wednesday, February 10th at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Please follow this link to access the meetingPARENT INFORMATION NIGHT

    * Please see the attachment for the body of the email if your email breaks the embedded links.

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