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Evaluation Briefs

Evaluation Briefs are summary documents that outline the background, methodology, data, results, and conclusions of evaluations by or for the Department of Program Evaluation. 

2023-24 Evaluation Briefs

Magnet Programs Evaluation

March 2024

This brief offers a partial overview of the district's magnet program due to inadequate comprehensive data collection and tracking mechanisms. Key findings and recommendations will be presented, focusing on critical areas requiring attention and enhancement based on the compiled data. The evaluation is crucial for assessing program effectiveness and determining its alignment with objectives. The magnet programs evaluated included Math, Science, VPA, International Studies, 3DE, Engineering, Healthcare, and IT, along with the two standalone programs at Global Impact and Innovation Academies.
The evaluation sought to uncover the present status of magnet schools within Fulton County Schools.
Additionally, during the evaluation process, documentation revealed discrepancies between the perception and actual implementation of magnet programming. Over the years, management has predominantly been site-based with considerable autonomy, necessitating a systematic approach to policy development based on the evaluation's insights.



Summer Learning 2023

November 2023

FCS implemented Summer Learning programming for students in Grades 3-12 during Summer 2023. FCS intended for the Summer Learning program to enroll large numbers of students to address unfinished learning and low achievement on Georgia Milestones assessments.


Numeracy Needs Assessment

November 2023

The decision to conduct this evaluation was driven by three major factors. First, through our continued partnership with MAPLE at Georgia State, we regularly receive updates on student achievement, including trends post-pandemic. When reviewing these results in early 2023, we found that growth in math national percentile ranking, particularly upper elementary and middle school, has progressed at a slower rate than expected. Next, the 2023-2024 school year was also a significant transition year with the new Georgia K-12 math standards being implemented. The last factor that influenced this evaluation was related to the changes in the Continuous Achievement policy.

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