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Program Evaluation


Board Policy IJ: Programs, Pilots, Evaluation and Research

Programs: Fulton County Schools will adopt and/or utilize programs to improve learning and growth, stakeholder engagement, financial stewardship, and operational efficiency.  District staff will maintain a comprehensive inventory of programs for the Board of Education and the public. For more information about FCS' Program Inventory, click here

Pilots: Pilot programs are defined as programs, strategies, or materials introduced by the District on a trial basis for potential expansion. They are typically implemented on a limited scale, for a predetermined length of time, and under a specific evaluation design. 

Evaluation: The Board of Education will require the Superintendent or his/her designee to conduct formal and informal evaluations of the items on the program inventory to monitor for design, need, implementation, impact, and return on investment.  The annual agenda of items to be formally evaluated will be shared with the Board of Education on an annual basis.  District staff will keep a public record of evaluations conducted, the results of evaluations, and the inventory of programs.  District staff will provide, at a minimum, semi-annual updates to the Board of all program evaluation projects. For more information about past evaluations, click here. For information about past evaluation results, click here

Research: The Board recognizes the value of allowing government agencies, educational institutions, appropriate nonprofit organizations, and district staff members to conduct well-designed, educationally sound research projects. Research is defined as the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions to advance knowledge or determine best practices. For more information about research in FCS, click here

Director of Program Evaluation
Amanda Swerdlow

Program Evaluation Analyst
Kiara Poole