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Flexibility Options

VAF Overview

Value-Added Flexibilities (VAF) are school or district requests for local and state policy waivers that strategically support planning efforts by adding value for defined stakeholder groups.  As a Charter System, Fulton County Schools is afforded flexibility around State Board Rules and the educational laws outlined in Title 20.  To empower our school communities, FCS has created a tiered model that also allows School Governance Councils to request autonomy from many district policies.  The VAF process is meant to provide school communities with opportunities to overcome barriers to student success by granting them the freedom to implement innovative solutions tailored to their local needs.


VAF Overview Module

VAF Overview Module PDF

Summer 2021 VAF Support Session

Summer 2022 VAF Cross Council Session

Important Dates

Initial VAF Application Due: 10/2/2023

Initial Opt-In Notice of Adoption Due: 10/2/2023

Revised VAF Submitted to Zone Superintendent Due: 11/6/2023

Finalized VAF Submitted to Cabinet Due: 12/4/2023

Finalized Opt-In Notice of Adoption Due: 12/4/2023

*Note: 30-Day Public Comment Period can begin upon initial submission and must be completed prior to 12/4/2023

VAF Waiver Requests

SY21-22 Waiver Request Summary

SY22-23 Waiver Request Summary

Additional Resources

Policy Structures and Guides

Current FCS Waivers

Non-waivable Policy List

Guidance for Public Comment