Educational Options in Fulton County

  • School Choice Options

    Fulton County Schools believes families should be allowed to choose the best education options for students, given their unique needs.


    These choices are offered through a number of initiatives working to provide various opportunities and flexibility to families. Please learn more about your options below.


    Interested in learning about school setting or curriculum options?

    These options are based on curriculum offerings or educational settings and include:


    Interested in learning about a school transfer based on need?


    Interested in learning about our virtual and flexible learning options?

    • Fulton Virtual is a supplemental program in which middle and high school students who are enrolled in other Fulton County school buildings, can take courses asynchronously and virtually.

    • Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence (FAVE) is a full time, online school that allows students in grades 3-12 to attend classes in a more flexible format outside of the traditional 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., face-to-face school day. Instruction includes a blend of live, online lessons and self-directed lessons from our teachers.

    • Independence High School is Fulton County's non-traditional high school of choice. Independence HS is organized on a semester plan and employs a Blended Learning format. This means students learn through two processes, a combination of the online delivery of content and instruction and the more traditional classroom approach. With a rolling admissions policy, prospective students have the opportunity to apply to Independence at the beginning of each month, August through May.

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Important Dates

  • Charter School Application Window
    (Varies, but generally)
    December 1 - February 28

    Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence
    Open Enrollment Window
    February 20 - April 21

    Fulton Virtual Program
    Registration Windows
    Fall Semester - Summer to mid-Sept
    Spring Semester - Jan to mid Feb
    Summer Semester - March to June

    Hardship Transfer
    Application Window
    January 1 - February 28

    Magnet Program
    Application Windows
    November 15 - January 15

    Open Enrollment Window
    May 1 - May 15

    SB-10 Application Window
    March 1 - May 1