• The Magnet application for the 2020-2021 school year has closed.

About Our Magnet Programs

  • Fulton County high school students interested in concentrated studies in Mathematics, Science, Visual or Performing Arts, or International Studies are encouraged to enroll in one of four magnet programs.

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Our Magnet Schools



    Banneker High School
    Banneker 3DE by Junior Acheivement

    The JA-MBA is an innovative school model, between Junior Achievement (JA) and Fulton County Schools (FCS), designed to provide rigorous standards-based education infused with career-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills that are the hallmarks of a JA education.  Hosted at Banneker High School, this magnet is open to all FCS high school students.



    North Springs High School
    Math & Science Academy

    The magnet program offered within the Math & Science Academy allows students who meet the academic entrance requirements to pursue an interest in math or science through additional math and science elective requirements reflected in a transcript that shows depth and rigor. Students interested in the Math/Science Magnet must apply, have an overall 85 GPA and maintain an 85 GPA in their Math and Sciences courses. Students may focus their classes in mathematics or science or both.



    North Springs High School
    Visual & Performing Arts Academy

    The magnet program offered within the VPA Academy allows students who meet the academic entrance requirements to pursue their interest in visual and or performing arts through additional VPA elective requirements resulting in a transcript that shows depth and rigor. Students interested in the Visual & Performing Arts magnet must apply, and have and maintain an overall 80 GPA.

    Students may choose to be dual magnet students- also meeting the requirement of the Math & Science magnet program of having and maintaining an 85 GPA in math and science classes.



    Northview High School
    Northview 3DE by Junior Achievement

    Northview High School is one of only six schools in the state of Georgia to offer 3DE by Junior Achievement to its students. 3DE’s multifaceted approach to learning uses case methodology to integrate real-world connectivity into the standard high school experience. This universally effective approach to learning is the anchor for interdisciplinary instruction, relevant connectivity, and authentic project-based application that is delivered in every 3DE school. The result is a high school experience that reflects the dynamic pace of activity and interconnectedness of life beyond the classroom walls.



    Riverwood High School
    International Studies Program

    Riverwood International Charter School is one of four magnet schools in the Fulton County School System. Riverwood offers the International Studies and International Baccalaureate Programs.  This unique and challenging program of study provides a quality interdisciplinary learning experience for students.

    The International Studies Magnet program is divided into two strands: Global Studies and International Baccalaureate. Students begin planning their course of study in their 9th grade year.



    Tri-Cities High School
    Visual & Performing Arts Magnet (VPA)

    The Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program at Tri-Cities High School offers classes and experiences not offered in traditional high schools. The program promotes learning and provides experiences to motivate students to excel in the academics as well as the arts. It is the goal of the Visual and Performing Arts Program to assist students in developing to their fullest potential. The instructional program at Tri-Cities High School provides a comprehensive high school education with full preparation for college admission. Honors and advanced placement classes, independent study, and experimental opportunities stimulate academic and artistic growth.



    Westlake High School
    Math & Science Magnet Program

    The mission of the Westlake High School Magnet Program is to provide exemplary, holistic educational support for students, parents and the Westlake community.  The Magnet Program strives to produce students who are contributing members of the community, possess a sense of global responsibility, and cultivate and uphold respect for cultural diversity. The Magnet Program accomplishes this mission through:

    • Relevant and rigorous curricular exposure
    • Field-based learning opportunities
    • Supportive relationships