Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence
  • The Leave Administration department processes all long-term leave that exceeds 10 consecutive work days


    What types of leaves are available?

    • Medical Leave (employee or immediate family member)
    • Maternity/Paternity
    • Adoption/Foster care/Childcare
    • Military/Family Medical - Military
    • Study Leave

    Eligibility of paid leave is determined by the accrued sick days and the type of leave.


    What is Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

    FMLA is a federal law which helps employees balance work responsibilities with family and medical needs.  Whether you are unable to work because of your own serious health condition, or because you need to care for your parent, spouse, or child with a serious health condition, FMLA proves unpaid, job-protected leave.


    How does an employee apply for long-term leave?

    All employees are required to submit a long-term leave request thirty (30) days in advance through Employee Express.  Leave Administration must receive supporting documentation within 15 calendar days after request has been submitted.  You will need to provide your physician a medical/maternity/paternity certification form for completion.  Your physician must return the form via fax to Leave Administration.

    If you fail to follow the correct leave procedures, your pay and benefits may be affected.



    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Leave Administration Office
    6201 Powers Ferry Road NW Atlanta, GA 30339
    Phone: 470-254-6860
    Fax: 1-866-698-0148