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    by Chris Shearer

    Morning Creek Community!

    It's a wet one out there. Welcome to winter in the ATL.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful break and the time with family and friends was all that you needed it to be. It was busy, busy for me, but much needed.

    I'll kick it off with some music. The Wombats have a new EP out. Good stuff. Fun band from Liverpool. Always upbeat. Diiv has a new live album. It's very good. A band that can pull off their studio sound live. Finally, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have a new single, "Pretty Boy." It's excellent. Looking forward to their new album coming out next year. 

    Also, gotta plug a great documentary on HBO. It's called, "My So-Called High School Class Rank." It is excellent. Centers around a musical, "Ranked," written by a couple of HS theater teachers in Sacramento, CA. It follows the musical being performed by other HS around the country. The COVID shutdown is also part of it. Definitely worth your time. Probably something to watch with your high schooler.

    Okay. Let's get to it.

    First, the return from Thanksgiving Break is the turn for the homestretch. It's a sprint. I saw a post the other day that equated it to the last lap of Mario Kart when the music is fast, making it stressful. That about sums it up. For everyone, not just the kids. Time for us to be there for each other. Be there for your kids, not so much focusing on academics and their scores, but just how they're doing. See what they need from you. Probably a hug or a listening (not judgmental) ear. 

    So, what's the run of show for the next couple of weeks? I am attaching the listed key dates. Next Tuesday is the first one. While it is a remote work and learning day due to the runoff election, it is also the deadline for late work and recovery. If your student finds themselves navigating that date, they need to work with their teacher. The next set of dates are Dec. 9, 12, and 13. Those are the days for the Final Graded Experience. It is simply the last major. It can be cumulative, but may not be. Quite possibly just the last unit exam. Or a presentation. Or a project. It must be given in a class period and only count as ONE major. Those are normal school days. All classes meet each day. Finally, there is the final set of dates. Dec. 14-16. These days are for recovery ONLY. They are half-days. If your child does not need recovery, then December 13 is the last day of the semester for them. They do not attend the last three days. There will be NOTHING for them to do. The only exception is the CBI students. They will attend through December 16. But those final three days are half-days for them as well.

    As we wind down and you, or your student, have any questions about a class or grades, those questions and concerns should be directed to the teacher. Myself, an AP, a Counselor, the Grad. Coach, or the 504 Coordinator cannot help you with that. We are not the teacher and are not in the class. We are also not an intermediary for that conversation. Start with the teacher. After that, if necessary, follow the chain of command.

    Next, circling back on the email I had to send before break about the threat. That situation was addressed and handled very quickly. That is thanks, in large part, to the parents and students who reached out to me to alert me to some concerning text messages and social media posts. They were isolated to one source. The admin. team jumped into action immediately and shut it down. In retrospect, I am not sure the school, or any student at school, was ever in harm's way. But the way the world works anymore there was a lot of chatter. Students felt uncomfortable and were asking their parents to stay home. So I needed to communicate as much as I could, which was not overly detailed. All while traveling to Texas. I am sorry if you felt there was not enough detail. But I gave you as much as I could. Please know we take student safety very seriously. We address everything that comes to our attention. We collaborate with resources outside of the school. And, most often, assign the most severe consequences in response. Of course, due to federal law, I cannot go into great detail. I hope you understand.

    Okay, on to news and notes.

    Gifted Internship: Students interested in taking the Internship course during the Fall semester 2023 must take the Hire Me Seminar this Spring.  Hire Me will meet twice per week during Flex.  Students may sign up for the seminar by using the join code pbmk299.  The seminar is open to 10th and 11th grade students.   See the attached flyer for more information.

    Public Speaking Course - Mr. Schultz and the English Department are pleased to offer a Public Speech and Debate elective class for the 2023-2024 school year.  The class is a year long class, and will be the only class in the building that focuses entirely on public speaking.  Students will learn to research, plan, outline, draft, and deliver speeches in a variety of contexts.  In addition students will learn oral argumentation and research through the debate component of the course.  This is the perfect class for students needing to hone their interpersonal skills outside of the confines of a more traditional English class.  Mr. Schultz will be holding informational sessions about the class in January and February via Teams – please email him at with any questions, or to receive a meeting invitation. 

    Student Council Sponsors Battle of the Bells: Who's the students' favorite teacher at Johns Creek? From now through Tuesday, Dec. 6 students can buy a bell for their favorite teacher at lunch for $1. Teachers will wear their bells, accumulating more and more each day, until Dec. 7 when the teacher with the most bells will be crowned "Fan Favorite." All money raised will be donated to a local charity. It's an easy way to say "thank you" while supporting the community during this holiday season.


    The Art Department and the Fashion Design Class will be holding a thrift sale event on Tuesday, December 6th (10:30 am - 1:00 pm) in front parking lot of the school.  This event will raise awareness for the importance of sustainability and provide students the opportunity to practice entrepreneurship.


    Tennis Tryouts will take place beginning January 4th .  Any student interested in tryouts must fill out the QR code located around the school or outside of Coach Hedden and Coach Lovern's rooms in the English hallway between 258 and 259.  Students must also have an up-to-date physical on file in order to try out.  Please see Coach Hedden, Coach Lovern, Coach Conlan, or Coach Jordaan if you have questions. 


    Your student is invited to join Ms. Mikki Kim on an upcoming educational travel experience to South Korea in Summer 2024!

    Okay y'all. Stay dry and safe today. Good luck over these next couple of weeks. It will be okay. We will all get through it together. Grades are grades. They're numbers. They do not define the students. Regardless of what they are, everything is going to be okay. Breathe. 

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