• Fulton County Schools is creating the ‘Bell Labs’ of public education – a system for creating and disseminating instructional innovations. Our approach is in service of a future where students will direct and advance their learning in dynamic, supportive environments.

    Fulton County Schools is committed to providing innovative learning environments and experiences that are reliably explored, defined and scaled. Our STEM Schools will explore, define and scale these instructional innovations. We will organize the school in alignment with the following design principles:

    • Deliver a world class program of study through design thinking and integrated curriculum
    • Provide a robust advisory program and foster student agency with a growth mindset
    • Offer rigorous curriculum around real-world skills demonstrated through projects, certifications, mentorships and internships
    • Inspire innovation by putting learning on display
    • Contribute to a culture of support through business partnerships and real-world problem solving
    • Ensure the STEM Model is supported by an innovative and forward-thinking leader and team


    By 12th grade, teams of our students will be fully capable of solving real problems for partners. Student Outcomes: In order to do this, our students must be:

    • Masters of all fundamental literacies
    • Holders of Foundational Knowledge
    • Original Thinkers in an Uncertain World
    • Generous Collaborators for Tough Problems
    • Learners for Life


    Our principal search has begun: