• Educational Specifications 2020

    Fulton County School Board Policy FD requires that the school system review its Educational Specifications every five years to be sure its buildings are still appropriately meeting the educational needs of our students and our communities. "Ed Specs," as we commonly call them in Fulton County Schools, are a tool used by the school district and by architects when working on the academic programming for a building and the design. Their purpose is to standardize the numbers and sizes of the instructional units (classrooms, administrative areas and other instructional spaces) within each school. Our goal ultimately is to create building design standards that provide students a learning environment that meets their academic needs.

    The last update was made in 2015. At this link you can see the entire draft of revised 2020 Educational Specifications. Also, please take a few minutes to watch the video and send your feedback by September 23 to EdSpecs2020@fultonschools.org.

    We've been made aware of some issues using the EdSpecs2020@fultonschools.org email address. In the interim, please use questions@fultonschools.org.