Proposed Amendments to 2020 Educational Specifications

  • Fulton County School Board Policy FD requires that the school system review its Educational Specifications ("ed specs") every five years to be sure its buildings are still appropriately meeting the educational needs of our students. Ed Specs are a set of guidelines that school districts and architects use to design a building in relation to its academic programming. Their purpose is to standardize the numbers and sizes of instructional units (classrooms and other instructional spaces) within each school. 

    The last update was approved by the School Board in 2020. When we did this last time, we reviewed our entire school district inventory to be sure we knew exactly how many rooms there were in each school, their square footage, and their specialty spaces (media center, career tech classrooms, music, art, and physical education, etc.). Those knowledgeable about the educational use of those spaces, such as principals and other school district leaders, curriculum specialists, teachers, and school staff, were asked to provide feedback and we also asked parents and the community what they thought.  

    Two amendments are proposed:

    1. Adopt an ed spec for the district’s new K-8 STEAM Academy Model
    2. Adopt an ed spec that addresses a desire for more flexibility in school sizes

    How Can I Learn More?
    Watch the presentation below and share your input using the Thought Exchange tool. Feedback will be collected until 3/1/23.