• What is CTAE?

    To educate Georgia's future workforce by providing experiences for Georgia students that will prepare them for workplace success. Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education will provide educational experiences of superior quality and value for students that drive economic prosperity for all.


    Georgia’s Career Clusters allow students to choose an area of interest in high school from the clusters available at their school. Students take classes tailored to their cluster, which helps them navigate their way to greater success – no matter what they choose to do after high school graduation. Each cluster will include multiple career pathways. The aim of the program is to show students the relevance of what they’re learning in the classroom, whether they want to attend a two-year college, a four-year university or go straight into the world of work. Students will begin to learn about potential careers in elementary and middle school so that they are ready to choose a pathway once they reach high school. Georgia’s initiative is based on the National Career Cluster Model.


  • Marketing

    Marketing is the process of anticipating, managing, and satisfying consumers' demand for products, services, and ideas. The Marketing Career Cluster generates the strategy that underlies advertising and promotional techniques, business communication, and business development. Courses- Marketing Principles, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Marketing Management.

    Career and Technical Organization- DECA https://www.roswelldeca.com/

    Contact- Katherine Knowles and Joey Will (3DE)

    knowleskm@fultonschools.org willj@fultonschools.org


    Human Services- Cosmetology

    Course Description: This course introduces both fundamental theory and practices of the personal care professions including nail technicians, estheticians, barbers, and cosmetologists. Emphasis will be placed on professional practices and safety. Areas addressed in this course include: state rules and regulations, professional image, bacteriology, decontamination and infection control, chemistry fundamentals, safety, Hazardous Duty Standards Act compliance, and anatomy and physiology. Students will experience basic hands on skills in each area to help them determine the pathway they are most interested in pursuing. By completing courses in the personal care services pathways, students can potentially earn credit toward the

    hours required by the Georgia State Board of Barbering and/or Cosmetology or hours toward their license as an esthetician or nail technician. Pre-requisite for this course is advisor approval. Career and Technical Organization- Skills USA

    Contact- Tiffiney Robinson and Jazasnette Turner robinsont5@fultonschools.org turnerj2@fultonschools.org



    Course Description: This course is designed as the foundational course in the Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Masonry, Machining, Welding, Sheet Metal, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, and HVACR Electrical pathways to prepare students for pursuit of any career in construction. The course prepares the trainee for the basic knowledge to function safely on or around a construction site and in the industry in general and will provide the trainee with the option for an Industry Certification in the Construction Core. Pre-requisite for this course is advisor approval. Career and Technical Organization- Skills USA

    Contact- Zach Fields fieldsz2@fultonschools.org


    Computer Science

    Course Description: Introduction to Software Technology is the foundational course for Cloud Computing, Computer Science, Game Design, Internet of Things, Programming, Web and Digital Design, and Web Development pathways. This course is designed for high school students to understand, communicate, and adapt to a digital world as it impacts their personal life, society, and the business world. Exposure to foundational knowledge in programming languages, software development, app creation, and user interfacing applications are all taught in a computer lab with hands-on activities and project-focused tasks. Career and Technical Organization- FBLA

    Contact- Doris Upshur UpshurD@fultonschools.org



    Course Description: The Foundations of Engineering and Technology is the introductory course for the Engineering and Technology Education pathways. This STEM driven course provides the students with an overview of engineering and technology including the different methods used in the engineering design process developing fundamental technology and engineering literacy. Students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned through various project based activities while using an engineering design process to successfully master the “E” in STEM. The pre-requisite for this course is advisor approval. Career and Technical Organization- First Robotics

    Contact- Husam Almimar almimarh@fultonschools.org


    Work Based Learning

    Career Related Education is structured age-appropriate experiences which prepare students to be college and career ready. The range of CRE experiences begin with Career Awareness and Exploration in middle school and culminate with work-based learning during the eleventh or twelfth grade. Work-Based learning provides students the opportunity to receive credit while working in an environment related to their career pathway.

    Contact- Leslie McHann mchannl@fultonschools.org