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IDEA responses received.

  • IDEA RAISED: Volunteer options for students: school cleanup days and seniors paint the auditorium walls in fine arts building with class theme.

    RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your idea! If you are interested in leading a project like this, we welcome student leaders! Please stop by and speak with Mr. Bolin in Suite 1330 for more information. 

    IDEA RAISED: My freshman year of high school, I noticed two dead birds outside the large glass window of the main building foyer. Other businesses, non-profits, and schools have applied bird-deterrent window film that helps to prevent these collisions. With Alpharetta high school's modern infrastructure, I believe the school should consider purchasing and installing this dotted film to support nature in the community.

    RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your idea! The school district is investing in the application of shatterproof film on the windows. 

    IDEA RAISED: Most FCS and Forsyth schools have a season pass option for sports can we please get with the times and offer this in 24-25. Technology is there no excuse to take advantage of having the $$ earlier in the season vs game by game. 

    RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your idea! The athletic director is aware of this and is reviewing to determine next steps.

CONCERN responses received.

  • CONCERN RAISED: There is a lot of traffic at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Faculty parking spots are being used by visiting guests or parents dropping off their children or waiting to pick them up.

    RESPONSE: Parents, we acknowledge the traffic concerns. We would recommend arriving earlier in the morning or arriving earlier in the afternoon to get a better spot in the waiting line queue. However, we ask that you please NOT park in faculty parking spots as those are reserved for members of our faculty and staff who must be on campus. 

    CONCERN RAISED: Concern was raised about how the staff and students communicate with each other.

    RESPONSE: We acknowledge this concern that was raised. We will address it with AHS Faculty, but we will ask parents to also speak to their children about the appropriate methods of communication towards staff members. 

    CONCERN RAISED: For pep rallies, there are always a few themes that everyone likes, but others are not favorites. Pep rallies are very short and not appealing to the students.

    RESPONSE: We acknowledge this concern and welcome any and all feedback from students. If you have an interest in helping to plan a pep rally or offer up ideas, please contact Letitiah Etheridge, Student Council Advisor.

    CONCERN RAISED: Please unblock MDN Web Docs as AP Computer Science students utilize this tool.

    RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. FCS policy sets forth specific guidelines for asking the district to unblock specific domains. We will explore that process and determine if this can be done. 

    CONCERN RAISED: Teachers at AHS do not include their class, school, or subject in their emails. This makes it very difficult to manage correspondence in multi-child households.

    RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing this information with us. At our next faculty meeting, we will be sure to relay this to our staff.

    CONCERN RAISED: Please check the garbage and grounds by the baseball barn/softball field.

    RESPONSE: Thank you for this submission. We have notified our custodial staff and the Assistant Principal over school maintenance. 

QUESTION responses received.

  • QUESTION RECEIVED: How do I get a new Student ID card? 

    RESPONSE: Students can request a new Student ID card by completing the Microsoft Form found HERE. Once the request is submitted, a new Student ID card will be delivered to one of your classes within 48 hours of the request.