• Innovation Academy offers one Georgia High School Association (GHSA) sport - eSports. However, students can participate in a GHSA sport at their home school as long as they are not already participating in eSports at IA. 

    Click here for the FCS policy on Innovation Academy students playing sports at their home zoned schools.

    Students need to work with the athletic department and coaches at their home school to find out about tryouts, practices, and any other procedures or policies surrounding the sport they want to participate in.

    Once a student is accepted onto the team, the home school Athletic Director and Data Clerk will need to add a partial line of enrollment for the IA athlete so the home school has access to the student's records and contact information for athletic purposes.

    A student-athlete may be asked to complete the GHSA Transfer Student Eligibility Form and will need a copy of the policy statement showing that Innovation Academy students can play sports at their home school. This form should be completed by the home school.

    Most students will need to take a virtual class during 8th period in order to leave on time to participate in their home school sport.