Counselors Corner 2023-2024

  • Mission Statement 

    The mission of the school counseling department at Wilson Creek is to provideequitable access to a data-driven, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive comprehensive school counseling program and inspires all students to maximize their unique potential. The school counseling program is dedicated to recognizing each student as a unique individual and preparing every student socially, academically, and emotionally for present and future challenges. We advocate for every student and work in collaborative partnerships to empower students to become lifelong learners who are responsible and productive citizens. 


    Counseling Services: 

    Individual Counseling  

    Children sometimes face difficulties in their lives and can use someone to talk to. The counselors see students for short-term individual counseling who are experiencing family or friendship difficulties, grief, academic concerns, or any other issues they may be facing. Having a trusted adult at school is very important for students to feel safe. Students can self-refer to meet with me as well as teachers, parents and administrators can request that I meet with individual students.  


    Classroom Guidance 

    Classroom guidance lessons will be provided to students in every grade. Each month, classroom guidance lessons will cover a character trait chosen by our community stakeholders at the beginning of the school year. This school year we will cover good citizenship, cooperation, bullying prevention, gratitude, respect, kindness, responsibility (study skills), and perseverance (career exploration.) Each class will also receive mini lessons throughout the school year on topics such that include growth mindset, friendship, and relationship building, bullying prevention, personal safety, identifying and coping with feelings and emotions, and career exploration. 


    Small Group Counseling 

    Small group counseling allows for students to work together on a common skill such as building social skills, emotional regulation or working through a common issue such as moving or divorce. Small groups are based upon the needs of the students and parent/guardian permission for participation is required.  

    Contact Us 

    Please feel free to call or email with any concerns you may have regarding your child. We are always happy to listen, offer support and share ideas.  

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