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  • General Policies for Lockers

    • Each student may rent a locker ($15.00) for the storage of books and equipment.
    • Students should not share their combination.
    • The school is not responsible for the loss or theft of items from lockers.
    • All lockers are school property and remain at all times under the control of the school.
    • School authorities, without the student’s consent and without a search warrant, may conduct periodic inspection of lockers if reasonable suspicion of any wrongdoing exists.

    To secure your locker...

    1. Purchase your locker today by clicking HERE. Lockers are $15. Non-refundable.
    2. Once you have completed your purchase...
      • All freshmen, sophomores, and new students may bring their receipt and ID during Information Day on August 3rd to receive a locker number and combination. During Information day (8/3), locker distribution will be held in the Aux Gym (Behind the main gym).
      • Upperclassmen will have the opportunity to bring their receipt/ID to receive a locker number and combination during both lunches, the first week of school.
      • Please see Mr. Dice in office 1220 if you have any questions. NO REFUNDS!

    Need some help??

    • In the event that you have an issue with your locker, don’t panic!
    • Sometimes you might find your locker hard to open or maybe you’ve just forgotten your combination.
    • Visit Mr. Dice (Suite 1220) for help with accessing your locker.
    • For concerns about locker security, contact Mr. Dice, our Campus Security Consultants, or our School Resource Officer.