About the FCS Balanced Scorecard

  • Fulton County Schools has used the Balanced Scorecard to monitor performance for over 20 years. The Balanced Scorecard was originally designed by Dr. Robert Kaplan of Harvard University and Dr. David Norton, a prominent business consultant, as a way for businesses to look at performance using a broad, or balanced, set of parameters.

    Fulton modified the original framework designed for business to align with education and shift the focus to student learning. Using the Balanced Scorecard methodology, Fulton can look at system performance from both a short-term and long-term perspective to ensure that students reach their potential year after year.

Functional Areas Include:

    • Learning & Growth
      Learning and Growth metrics support student achievement. Metrics demonstrating performance in the areas of State Accountability and Standardized Assessments are included in this area. Learning and Growth also addresses areas related to College & Career Readiness to ensure that students are prepared for the next step in their future. In addition, this area monitors Student Engagement and their progress along the way to ensure that students are making the expected progress to graduate on time.

    • Business Processes
      Business processes provide students with an environment that supports learning. These areas ensure that buses run efficiently and deliver students to school on time, that students are offered breakfast and lunch meals meeting nutritional standards, and that school buildings are clean and safe.

    • Stakeholder Input
      The areas within Stakeholder Input address groups with an interest in the performance of Fulton County Schools. These groups include parents, students, teachers, other district employees, and community members.

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