• Science Course Descriptions


    Biology A/B is the study of life. It includes cellular activity, genetics, botany, zoology, ecology, taxonomy, evolution, biochemistry, and microbiology.


    Earth Systems A/B -- The Earth Systems course includes topics that describe the natural functioning of the physical and biological components of the Earth and human activities that interact with these components.


    Environmental Science A/B -- is the study of many components of our environment, including the human impact on our planet. Students investigate the flow of energy and cycling of matter within ecosystems, and evaluate types, availability, allocation, and sustainability of energy resources. Instruction will focus on data collection and analysis from field and laboratory experiences. Some concepts are global; in those cases, students will interpret global data sets from scientific sources. Chemistry, physics, math, and technological concepts are integrated throughout the course. When possible, careers related to environmental science will be examined.



    Physical Science A/B is the study of matter and energy and includes chemistry and physics. It is a basis for the further study of chemistry and physics.