• Visual Art Course 


    Visual Arts Comprehensive -- introduces art history, criticism, aesthetic judgment & studio production to the beginning art student and emphasizes the ability to understand & use the elements of art & principles of design through a variety of media processes both 2-D and 3-D. A chronological study of the history of art and criticism accompanies the studio experiences.  This course is a Prerequisite for all other art courses offered.


    Drawing and Painting -- introduces drawing & painting techniques and a variety of media. Emphasizes development of drawing & painting skills and utilizes problem solving skills to achieve desired results.


    Photography -- introduces photography as an art form and covers the historical development of photography and photographic design. A formal photographic critiquing method will be taught and used in evaluating works of others & self. Introduces enlarging negatives and stresses composing and processing techniques using a 35mm camera & pinhole camera. The safe use of photographic materials and equipment is stressed.


    Ceramics -- introduces the characteristics of clay and design using various techniques of construction & surface treatments. Studio processes are emphasized and students are involved in firing & presenting clay.


    Sculpture -- introduces the design and production of relief sculpture and sculpture-in–the round. Includes additive & subtractive modeling methods; explores traditional & non-traditional materials for sculpted works. A study of the historical origin & function of sculpture in a variety of cultures is included.


    Printmaking -- introduces a variety of printmaking techniques using processes such as relief printing (monoprint, collagraph, block), intaglio processes (etching, engraving) and serigraphy (silkscreen films, stencils, block-out). The course includes the design and development of personal subject matter and provides direct studio experiences with traditional and nontraditional materials and techniques