Work-Based Learning (WBL) curriculum is designed to help students develop skills and attitudes needed to be successful in the global workforce. The Work-Based Learning program for high school juniors and seniors connects school-based education to the world of work. The WBL curriculum provides both educational and occupational experiences for students to assist in developing skills necessary for the world of work and to continue a post-secondary education program of study. The WBL work-site experience requires a training plan that complements on-the-job and classroom components of the curriculum. This is the first step to applying for the Work-Based Learning Program.

    WBL MISSION--To provide educational and occupational experiences for students that will assist them in becoming productive citizens in the community.

    WBL PURPOSE--To enable students to develop the skills necessary for success in the world of work and postsecondary education.  To provide students with an individualized program of study that relates classroom study to the work-site experience.

    WBL GOAL--To provide students with a career experience which will:
    challenge their abilities, increase their knowledge, arouse their curiosity, and stretch their imagination

    WBL REQUIREMENTS--Students apply for the program during their sophomore year in high school.  Eligible students must have a career interest in the WBL area and:

    In eleventh or twelfth grade (at least 16 years of age):

    • On track for graduation (Counselor sign off)
    • Concurrently enrolled in a pathway course or have previously taken a pathway course
    • Good discipline report, disciplinary actions and/or excessive absences (10 or more) may result in a student not being admitted in the WBL program
    • Have parental/guardian approval for entry into the program
    • Two teacher recommendations
    • Provide their own transportation to and from the worksite
    • Approval by the WBL Coordinator

    One unit of credit for each year long release period

    PART 1--Complete the interest form by answering the questions below and submit the document.
    You may print a copy of your responses for your records before closing the form.

    PART 2
    --The WBL Coordinator will acknowledge acceptance of PART 1 by scheduling an appointment for an interview. After your interview, you will receive notification on the next steps.  

    PART 3--An email link will be sent to you via email to begin the application process.  Before beginning this interest form you will need the email addresses of your counselor and two teachers for recommendations.  It is your responsibility to follow up with your teachers and counselor to ensure they have submitted the WBL application on your behalf on or before the deadline.

    PART 4--Once your application has been completed by all parties and approved by the WBL Coordinator you will receive an Acceptance letter via email for the Work-Based Learning Program!

    I understand that space is limited in the WBL program and enrolling in this program and completing this application process doesn't mean I will automatically be accepted.

    I understand that I will have to attend a mandatory parent/student virtual or in person program orientation to participate in the WBL program.

    Equal Opportunity Agency Compliance Coordinator 470-254-4585 TTY 1-800-255-0135

    How to apply for the Work-Based Learning Program (WBL):

    1. Students interested in participating in the WBL program must apply through an application process.  Print and complete the WBL Interest Form (Link under Resources) and submit to the WBL Coordinator at your school.  An application will be issued to the students that meet the requirements of the program. 
    2. Students will return the completed application to the WBL Coordinator at their school.  Grades, attendance, discipline, and coursework will be reviewed to ensure that the best applicants with skills and knowledge related to their career goals and coursework are chosen to present to employers.
    3. Coursework related to your job placement is required to participate in the WBL program.
    4. Students must actively participate in their job search and follow up on job leads given by the WBL coordinator.
    5. For more information, contact your WBL School Coordinator or Counselor at your school.