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    Student Success Skills are Fulton County School's standards for the skills needed to demonstrate mastery of academic and interpersonal skills needed for college, career, and life success. These six skills are taught in all schools, by all teachers, to all students. Each skill has corresponding standards across grade levels. 

    • Self Awareness: The ability to recognize one’s own thoughts, emotions, and values and how they influence behavior. The perception of the extent to which one’s most basic abilities can be developed through study, practice, dedication and hard work. 
    • Reflective Learning Strategies: The ability to monitor and understand one’s own learning, motivation, and comprehension processes, to transform that understanding into critical thinking, and to self-correct when one detects confusion or error in one’s thinking 
    • Collaborative Problem Solving: The ability to work effectively with others to create products or solve problems by sharing understanding and pooling knowledge, skills, and efforts to reach solutions. 
    • Self-Management: The ability to regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors on one’s own and in social interactions with peers and adults 
    • Sense of Belonging: The sense of being accepted, valued, included, and encouraged by others (teachers and peers) in the academic classroom setting. 
    • Social Competence: The ability to understand social and ethical norms for behavior and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds.

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    ReThink Ed is the comprehensive program used to teach Student Success Skills. It is an online platform that provides lessons, activities, and resources for students, educators, and parents. Lessons are taught following the weekly scope and sequence.


    Rejoin Module will ensure a strong start for students settling into our 'new normal' in the wake of a pandemic. This module will take place in the first five weeks of the school year and includes instruction in the following areas: 

    • Emotions: Students will understand their emotions through self-knowledge and self-compassion. 
    • Stress Management: Students will learn strategies for managing their emotions such as sadness and anxiety. 
    • Support Systems: Students will recognize the need for connection and the ways that they are connected. 
    • Resilience: Students will learn strategies for being resilient following a traumatic event.