Registering for Online Courses

  • Students can take up to three online courses each fall and spring semester. Students who wish to take an online course (FVS or GAVS) must complete the Online Course Request Form and have it reviewed by their counselor. 


    1. Students and parents/ guardians select a course(s) they are interested in taking by reviewing the FVS or GAVS course catalogs (see links below).

    2. Students and parents/ guardians complete the Online Course Request Form (see below) and submit the form to their counselor.

    3. Once the counselor approves the Online Course Request Form, the student registers on the FVS or GAVS site.

    4. Counseling approves the student's registration in FVS or GAVS.

    5. A student logs into the FVS or GAVS site and begins the course on the start date for the class.




Contract for Online Courses

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Virtual Courses - Introduction