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    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Your student is invited to join an upcoming educational travel experience abroad!  These opportunities are open to all Innovation Academy students. These trips are not sponsored by Innovation Academy or Fulton County Schools; they are a non-school affiliated trip being organized by EF Education First, an accredited organization. Curious about the EF Tours experience? Watch this short video to learn more! 


    We are thrilled to inform you that EF Tours is organizing multiple exciting trips for our students, offering them valuable educational and experiential opportunities. 



    Summer 2024 Tours


    Galapagos Islands (June 2024)

    Group Leader: Kathryn Paxton,


    Treasures of Thailand (June 2024)

    Group Leader: Heather Nilson,

    Travel with us on an 11-day tour of this spectacular kingdom. Explore the bustling metropolis of Bangkok and Erawan Waterfall and National Park. Navigate the Chao Phraya River canals and battle for bargains at busy markets. Experience the warmth of the Thai people and test your spice threshold with their flavorful cuisine. Every destination and experience will add new depth to this immersive tour of Thai culture and its natural surroundings. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us on this once in a lifetime adventure!
    Trip information and enrollment page: Thailand Tour


    Grand Tour of Italy (June 2024)

    Group Leader: Bev Shiotelis,

    Join me on this 10-day grand tour of Italy. History comes alive among the ruins of Pompeii and along the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Fall in love with Italy while getting to know da Vinci, walking in the steps of gladiators, and visiting the birthplace of saints. Cruise the canals of Venice, enjoy beautiful Florence, and take a relaxing boat ride to the beautiful island of Capri.  This is an amazing adventure that will have us traversing the entire country, marveling at the incredible architecture, and tossing a coin in Trevi Fountain to ensure our return.  

    Trip information and enrollment page: Italy Tour



    Summer 2025 Tours


    South Korea

    Group Leader: Daniel Huntley,


    Expedition to Australia and New Zealand (June 2025)
    Group Leader: Heather Nilson,

    Join us on a 15-day tour of New Zealand and Australia. Highlights of the trip include visiting Auckland, a dolphin cruise through the Bay of Islands, exploring mangrove forests of the Sunshine Coast, relaxing on the beach in Surfer’s Paradise, and exploring Sydney. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us on this bucket-list adventure!

    Trip information and enrollment page: Australia and New Zealand


    Switzerland & Germany

    Group Leader: Jeremy Fouts,


    Iceland & Global Leadership Sumit

    Group Leaders: Margaret Garth & Kathryn Paxton 

     *On this trip, students will attend the EF Global Leadership conference in Berlin, and then travel to Iceland to explore. Because this is a specialized trip, we don’t have a tour page up and running yet. We will have our interest meeting in Fall of 2024. If you are interested in this trip, please email and I will add your name to our interested travelers list!   (EF’s Global Leadership Summit)