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    These trips are not sponsored by Innovation Academy or Fulton County Schools; it is a non-school-affiliated trip being organized by the staff members listed below in partnership with EF Education First, an accredited organization. If you have any questions about the opportunity, please reach out to the main contact for the trip.

    Spring Break, 2022

    Culture and Service Learning Tour in the Dominican Republic

    Contact: Adriana Adkins


    Early Summer, 2022

    Germany and Switzerland (Full)

    Contact: Margaret Garth


    June, 2023

    Heath Sciences in Scotland, England, and France

    Contact: Selena Holmes

    Description: Students can join me June of 2023 to travel to Scotland, England, & France. While partaking in the iconic sights and experiences of Edinburgh, London and Paris, we will also explore healthcare in the U.K. We will see the surgeons Hall Museum in Edinburgh, learn about the history of grave robbing, and see the oldest medical institution in the English-speaking world. Once in London we will follow the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and spend an afternoon studying forensics. We will also meet with British healthcare professionals while touring The London School of Medicine and the Royal London Hospital. We will finish off this grand experience touring Paris and visiting the Louvre. I am so excited for the opportunity to combine my passions for travel, adventure and healthcare and share them with the scholars of I.A. ~ Selena Holmes


    Summer, 2023

    Greece – Athens & the Islands

    Contact: Bev Shiotelis

    When you reach the top of the Acropolis and look out across Athens, history stands still. In the shadows of the Parthenon’s mighty 2,400-year-old columns, the only sound you hear is the ancient gravel beneath your feet. Your connection to antiquity hits home as you cruise the Aegean Sea, where each port brings new discoveries and timeless lessons.  Relive Greek mythology. Feel the spirit of Athena, roam the Acropolis, and discover the mysterious oracle at Delphi. Explore the Greek islands and years of history along the Mediterranean. Join Bev Shiotelis & Beth Dilworth on this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece.
    We can’t wait to tell you all about this exciting adventure! We will be hosting a virtual information session on April 20th at 6 p.m.  

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    Early Summer, 2023

    Robotics, Engineering, and the Future of Cities in Japan

    Contact: Margaret Garth


    April 1st - 9th, 2024

    Explore Perú

    Contact: Adriana Adkins

    Link to Website for More Information