Update From Ms. Agans

  • Sent Thursday, April 21, 2022:

    For all Cambridge families attending Prom, this is important information, please read all the way through:

    • There is set to be a closure of all northbound lanes of 400 at midnight on 4/23-4/24. There will be a detour to get around the demolition of the old 285-West ramp.  Prom ends at 11pm, students should not hang around downtown if they wish to avoid traffic.
    • We will have hotel security, Atlanta Police Officers, and Fulton County Schools Police Officers at the prom.
      • We will have security at the parking deck on the 6th floor entrance to our ballroom.
      • There is hotel security at the Ritz Carlton and Westin Peachtree Plaza if you would like to use this service rather than going through the deck. Ask directions from the hotel on how to make it to our ballroom space.
      • I highly recommend that throughout the evening, if you are going to use driver services, like Uber or a limo/bus that is dropping you off, please stay close to the entrance to your restaurant and/or the hotel.
    • Please follow all directions to get to the ballroom. Please print out the information to take with you or give to your driver.  There is a phone number at the bottom of the page for help from the venue if needed.
    • EVERYONE must bring photo ID to get into Prom. You may use your Infinite Campus App (so long as there is a photo), your school photo ID, or your driver’s license.  All guests MUST have ID.
    • Only approved guests may enter. We contacted anyone whose form was rejected, so all other forms turned in were approved.  We will have the forms with us as well as a master list for entry.  If you come with someone who is not approved, your guest will NOT be allowed into Prom.  
    • No outside food or drinks are allowed. We have dessert, water and beverage station, bathrooms all within our ballroom space. 
    • There is NO RE-ENTRY. Once you leave the ballroom, you may not come back in. 
      • If you are going to Alpharetta’s Prom (same night, same venue), they have the same policy. So if you are taking an Alpharetta student and want to visit both Proms (and each of you have bought tickets and filled out approval forms to enter both proms), remember that you cannot go back-and-forth.  One visit to each.
    • We want everyone to have a great time. We are responsible for the venue and for the safety of our students. 
      • Parents will be called to pick you up (even if you have a group bus, limo, or transportation, parents will be required to pick you up at the venue).
      • You are also subject to discipline and possible legal action.
      • If you are suspected of drinking or drugs, you can be breathalyzed.
      • If you are found or suspected to be drunk, you will be required to leave.
      • PLEASE do not put us, yourself, your friends, and/or your parents in that position.

    Thank you to Ms. Sheara, her parent volunteers, and Student Council for ALL you have done to make this a beautiful and fun event!  Students, please make good decisions – we want everyone to be safe and have a good time!    

Prom 2022