Message from Ms. Agans (12.14.21)

  • Dear Parents/Community:

    As your school principal, there is nothing I take more seriously than the safety of our students, our staff and our school as a whole. This letter is a follow up to the letter sent by Dr. Looney on Friday. I want to provide our parents with additional information, update you on a few school procedures, and provide some resources.

    Schools across the country are working to address an increase in incidents where students have brought knives, real guns, air soft guns, toy guns, engaged in fights or acts of aggression, and posted inappropriate comments on social media to include threats, bullying and harassment. Our district uses a District Threat Assessment Protocol which categorizes threats into Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 and outlines how school leaders are to respond.

    This year Fulton County Schools has had 140 threats (108-Level 1, 25-Level 2, and 7-Level 3), and 83 of these have been at middle/high schools. Leveled threats are explained in our student code of conduct starting on page 34 Since the beginning of the year, Cambridge High School has had 1 threat (Level 3). While I can’t share specific details on this incident due to student privacy rights, I can confirm that we consistently follow the steps outlined in the Threat Assessment Flow Chart and provide discipline as outlined in our student handbook and in accordance with the laws, regulations and rules of the state, the district and our school.  

    In an attempt to set expectations for student behavior and a learning environment this week that is free of disruption, our School team will be doing the following:

    1. Review PBIS schoolwide expectations for behavior with students.
    2. Share with our students any student who sees or hears something that makes them feel unsafe should tell a trusted adult.
    3. Complete a schoolwide monitoring and supervision review.
    4. Require hall passes for all students – no exceptions.
    5. Use of ALL teachers and staff in building to provide close monitoring of students in transition and for students in hallways.
    6. No student cell phone use during class/exams.
    7. Possible staggered release and/or transitions to reduce large grouping of students
    8. Any reasonable suspicion will lead to search of backpacks, desks, lockers, cars (if parked on campus) and/or personal effects.

    In an attempt to set expectations for student behavior and a learning environment this week that is free of disruption, we ask our Parent team to do the following:

    1. Closely monitor and review your student’s online and social media posts.
    2. Every morning this week, check your student’s backpack for foods, dangerous items, etc. before they leave for school.
    3. Ensure all types of weapons maintained in the home (all types of knives, airsoft guns, toy guns, real guns, etc.) are secured/locked in a safe place at home and not accessible to your student(s).
    4. Seek help from school if your student is talking about violence, is angry or making any type of threat towards self or others. Please contact your school’s counselor, administrator, or other trusted adult who can connect you with resources or help needed.
    5. If you become aware of any information that poses a threat to student, staff or school safety, call 911 if it’s an emergency or report to our anonymous FCS Tip Line at the following link:

    I want to be clear in communicating that any student behavior leading to a threat in safety and/or a school disruption will result in the most severe discipline and police intervention available.  I will not allow any student(s) to compromise the positive learning environment and safety for our students here at Cambridge High School. 

    The responsibility for keeping our students, staff and schools safe is a top priority for all of us, so thank you for your continued diligence and partnership to ensure student safety.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to any of the available resources listed above.  Be Safe.  Be the Bridge.  GO BEARS!


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School