End of First Semester

  • Let’s talk about the Final Week…

    The Week looks like this: (Downloadable version below)

    End of First Semester















    Will Breakfast and Lunch be served on these days?  When do buses leave in the afternoon?

    Yes, breakfast will be served as normal.  All students may pick up a “grab and go” lunch from the cafeteria before getting on their bus or leaving campus.  Buses will leave campus shortly after the 12:40 pm dismissal.

    What will be happening during these extended class periods?

    Activities will vary by teacher and subject.  Some teachers will be offering the final 9-week recovery opportunity.  Some will be doing a review of the material.  Some teachers may be giving a test or having students do project presentations.  Some teachers may be teaching current or new material for the next unit.  Posted to the left are two-week Teacher Calendars so that students and parents will know what assignments and work will be accomplished during these days.

    Is attendance required on these days?

    Yes.  Attendance is always required.

    What if my teacher is doing remediation or recovery, and I do not need to make anything up?  Can I decide not to come to school that day?

    No.  Attendance is always required.

    What if I don’t have anything in my 3rd-period class but know I will be out on Friday for my 7th-period class, can I go to my 7th-period class on Wednesday and do my recovery early?

    No.  If you know you will not be in attendance for a specific day or class period (because you have completed the pre-approved absence process), you will miss your recovery opportunity.  This means ALL recovery opportunities must be completed by the end of your class final period.

    Can I make up a recovery assignment when we return from winter break if I have a pre-approved absence?

    No.  If you miss a recovery opportunity during the final week, you cannot make it up when you return.  It is not a new assignment; it is optional.


    What if my teacher is giving a test or a new assignment/project on a day that I have a pre-approved absence?

    You need to arrange to make up with your teacher when you return.  All makeup from the first semester must be completed by the first ten days of the second semester.  Grades are due by January 3rd, so be aware that your report card in January will reflect a zero for the missing work.  After the makeup (within the approved time frame), a grade change form must be submitted by your teacher to update your final grade for semester one.  If not made up within the first ten days of the second semester, the zero and the semester one grade will remain on your report card and transcript.

    Can I submit a pre-approved absence for one or more of these periods/days?

    Yes.  The form is online and in the attendance office.  A note must accompany the form from a parent stating the reason for the absence.  All teachers must sign off on the form in order to get the absence excused.  The administrator will make final approval.  Students who are failing a class will not receive a pre-approved absence.  All pre-approved absence forms are due at least three days in advance of the absencePre-approved absence forms for Final Week will not be approved or accepted after Tuesday, December 14, 2021.



Pre-Approved Absence Form

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Bell Schedule

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