• FCS has implemented a new attendance notification process:

    1. Parents/guardians will be notified more often on absences, regardless of whether a student is excused or unexcused. Families will be notified of student absences via daily robocalls, emails, and texts.

    2. Students who accumulate multiple absences will receive letters to notify them of missed learning time, and staff will follow up with supportive strategies for families and students.

    3. High school students' attendance is taken each period.

    4. Students must be present for 50% or more of the day to be marked present.

    5. High School messages begin coming out around 4:30 p.m. on the day of the absence.

    6. Parents/guardians can monitor their child's attendance using Infinite Campus.

    If a parent needs to excuse a student from attendance, notify the child's school as soon as possible. Notify your child's teacher(s) and CC Jennifer Williams at WilliamsJH1@fultonschools.org.

    The following must be included in a written note or email:

    Student Name

    Student FCS ID Number (lunch number)

    Parent/Guardian Name

    Parent/Guardian Email & Phone Number

    Reason for Excuse

    Attendance Notification and Important Reminders

    Attendance Calls & Emails

    • Parents and Guardians will be notified regularly when students are absent. Infinite Campus (IC) will send an email when an absence occurs. In addition, an automatic phone call will be made when your child is absent. Below illustrates when parent contact will be made.

    Attendance calls







    • Middle/high school messages begin going out from IC around 4:30 pm on the day of the absence.
    • If your student is absent or misses one or more periods of the school day, they will be marked with an "A" (for absent) in our attendance system, and you will receive an automated phone call and email message to the designated contact information you provided in Infinite Campus. The includes excused absences that are approved in advance.
    • Errors can occur and if you feel you received a phone call by mistake, contact the attendance office to verify that your student's attendance record is accurate.
    • If your student's absence was unexpected, please remember to contact the attendance office by sending a note or email so that the absence can be marked "excused" in the system.
    • For more information from Fulton County Schools regarding attendance, please see the Attendance FAQ.

    Important Attendance Reminders

    • If your child is at school and becomes sick, the student must go to the clinic and check out through the clinic and the attendance office.
    • Students who need to be checked out during the school day will need to provide a written note from the parent/guardian that includes:
      - Student name and student ID
      - Date and time of check out
      - Phone number where parent/guardian can be reached for verification
      - Reason for checking out
    • Walk-in checkouts are strongly discouraged, as we do not disrupt classrooms by calling into them, and there could be a significant delay as we reach your child.

    Please see Fulton County School's Attendance Policy for more information.