• Late Start Days 

    (2021-2022 School Year)

    A message from Ms. Morris, Lake Windward Elementary Principal

    You may notice that on the FCS calendar there are six "Late Start Days" listed. The superintendent added these days to give teachers some additional time to review student data and to make instructional decisions in collaboration with colleagues.

    At Lake Windward ES, these days will not impact students' arrival times. Our buses, carpool, and breakfast schedule will remain the same as always on these "Late Start Days". Teachers will be in meetings on a rotational basis and we will provide coverage for the teachers while in meetings.

    Therefore, we'd like all students to arrive by 7:40 am, as usual, on these dates. Schools have some autonomy with how this will work. Therefore, if you have children at other schools, their schools may give you other instructions for these days.


    Late Start Dates: 

    Sept. 20

    Oct. 25

    Nov. 15

    Jan. 24

    Feb. 28