Recovery Program

  •  Recovery Process


    To support students who have missing work, all students will have access to daily support (based on subject of missing work) to get caught up. In most cases, the teacher supporting the room will be an expert in the content of the missing work. 


    During the Recess/Reading block, students listed on the Recovery excel will be sent to the Recovery Room based on the subject and day of the week. 

    Content Day: 

        • Monday: Social Studies  
        • Tuesday: ELA  
        • Wednesday: Reading/WL  
        • Thursday: Math  
        • Friday: Science 

    Daily Time per Content: 

    6th: 12:15-1:15 

    7th: 11:45-1:15 (leave for lunch 12:15-12:40) 

    Incomplete teacher will pick students up from cafeteria at 12:40 

    8th: 11:45-12:45 


    • Microsoft Teams will be the software used 
      • Assignments will be posted in each Class Teams site under the Assignments tab
    • Students will receive 1 grade per week that will be recorded in Infinite Campus in either the Summative or Formative or Practice category
      • District direction: If a student is not satisfied with their grade, they will have 2 additional opportunities to redo/resubmit their work, after they have received feedback.
      • Students will have 5 days from the feedback to redo/resubmit their work.
      • If the grade is under a 70, we will expect a student to redo/resubmit.
      • If the grade is over a 70, it will be a student's choice to redo/resubmit.
      • The district has provided guidelines for all schools to follow which include 100% of grades that count being in the Summative category. You can expect 9 Summative and 9 Formative grades per semester.
      • All grades that are to inform the student and parent in order to provide feedback but do not count towards the final grade, will be posted in the Formative category.
      • The district has also provided direction for recovery.
      • All late work will be recorded as an Incomplete (I) in the grade book until it is turned in
    • Lesson plans (standard, learning goal, and graded assignment/assessment) will be posted on our website and updated weekly