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    Woodland Smyrna Chess

    Smyrna Chess presents a systematic and fun way to grow your brain playing chess. Each class includes instruction as well as time for play. All class sizes are limited to 16 students, so be sure to sign up early! 

    Meeting Schedule

    Tuesdays from 2:45 - 3:45 at the school.

    First class is Tuesday, August 24th. 

    Last class is Tuesday, December 14th. 

    There is NO CHESS CLUB on October 12th or November 23rd. 


    Total cost = $225 for 15 weeks of instruction

    Chess sets with carrying bag are available for $20, if desired. 

    Chess Club Philosophy

    • Have fun and make it easier for students to learn and want to study at home and in the club.
    • Play chess with friends and family and compete in local, state, and national tournaments to improve student's self-esteem and confidence. 
    • Participate in a supportive team atmosphere and develop skills for play in scholastic leagues. 

    Who Can Play?

    This session is open to all students interested in improving their game or learning to play chess. No prior knowledge of chess required. We may have two groups if enrollment warrants. 

    Smyrna Chess Methods

    Primary students begin with the step-by-step approach developed by Championship Chess. As each piece is introduced, students play pre-chess games with Pawns, Queen, Bishops, Rooks, and Knights. Then, as the King is introduced, students learn about check, checkmate, stalemate, and all the special moves of chess. After this, students are ready to play full games. 

    Students who play full games are ready to improve chess skills through the introduction and practice of chess openings and endgames. Students learn open, active games that apply basic chess tactics and improve overall strategy and problem solving. Students in this group are encouraged to participate in local tournaments. 

    Benefits of Playing Chess

    • Chess improves test scores. Students involved in chess raise scores on math and reading standardized tests and make better grades in school overall. 
    • Chess turns problem-solving and learning into an esteem building motivational game. 
    • Chess encourages students to use patterns and logical deductive reasoning to solve problems. 
    • Chess levels the playing field for age, gender, ethnic background, economic status, and language. 

    To Register

    Email your child's name, grade, and school to smyrnachess@yahoo.com then MAIL the Enrollment Form with your payment, which is due before the first class meets. You must also send a note to your child's teacher and the Woodland Transportation Email about transportation change on Tuesdays.