May 2022 Device Collection

Devices Due
  • It’s that time of year again! The library will collect all library books and FCS-issued devices on Thursday, May 19th during virtual periods. Students should bring their device to the 2nd floor of the eXchange and follow signage to return their devices.

    Who does not need to return a device on Thursday, May 19th?

    • Students taking a final on Monday, May 23rd.
      • If you are taking a final,  you must return your device following your last final.
    • Any student who is taking a summer school, Fulton Virtual, or GAVS course over the summer. *This is a change from previous communication from the county.
      • Students must return their device to IA front office once their coursework is complete.

    Why is Fulton County collecting devices?

    • Fulton County Schools is collecting all student devices for summer clean. This helps the county get an accurate inventory of all devices, fix broken or damaged devices, and clean the devices.

    Charges for Damaged Devices:

    • Missing/Damaged Charger or Stylus - $30
    • Damaged Device - $100
    • Lost Device - $250
    • Students may pay online at or with exact cash - no checks will be accepted nor will change be given.

2021 - 2022 Device Information

Students with a Fulton County Device

  • Students who currently have a working device assigned by Fulton County will keep them until our Innovation Academy devices arrive. Students who are graduating or moving out of the Fulton County school district should return their device and charger prior to moving.

Students Without a Fulton County Device

  • Students without a Fulton County device should contact Mrs. Bongiorno at to schedule a time to pick up a device.

    We are also available to accomodate students prior to first period on Bay 2 of the eXchange to assist with device needs.

Students Who Opt Out of a Fulton County Device for a Personal Device

  • Students who wish to use their personal device do not need to receive a Fulton County device.

    Innovation Academy uses Microsoft products, so please make sure your device has access to Word, Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You also can download Microsoft 365 for free onto your personal device. Click here for more information. The Fulton County website has more specifics if you want to ensure your device is appropriate.

    If you currently have a Fulton County device but want to use a personal device, please return the device and charger to Innovation Academy at your earliest convenience.  

2021 - 2022 Device Fees & User Agreement

  • Students are allowed to carry their backpacks/bookbags. If they also want to have their laptop in that bag, they should either have a bag that is designed to hold a laptop, or they should use a padded sleeve to help protect the laptop from pressure damage or cracked screens and a resulting FCS device fine. 

    Missing or damaged device items may be paid on OSP (there is a small service charge for using the Online School Payment System). We do not accept cash or checks in the library media center.

    Fines for Device Damage, Loss, or Theft:

    • Lost/Stolen: $250
    • Damaged: $100 (examples: pressure damage, cracked screen)
    • Lost/Damaged Charger: $30