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    A Note from the Principal, Lakasha Lee                  September 8, 2022



    In the next few weeks, you will hear from your child’s teacher on their progress and opportunity to setup a fall conference.  We value your partnership and strive to work together for the success of your child. Often you may engage your child in conversation about their day by asking, “what did you do today?”, and the answer is “nothing”.  You may consider targeting your question to something more specific, “what did you read about today”, “who did you sit next to at lunch”, “ what game did you play at recess”, “what did you do in science, math, etc.”, “who helped you today”, “how did you show being a HAWK today”, or “what was the best part of your day”.  These specific questions will help to spark more detailed responses and allow you to hear more from your child.  Our teachers and students are working hard each day and engaged in some exciting teaching and learning!  I hope your child shares about their day in a positive way!

    Sandy Springs Education Force (SSEF) will host their bi-annual eWaste ePlanet electronic recycling drive on Saturday, September 17 from 10:00-1:00 in the North Springs parking lot. This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to dispose of their old electronic equipment which will be wiped clean and kept out of the landfill.

    Recycle your old electronics and eWaste ePlanet will wipe data securely with a $20 donation to Sandy Springs Education Force! (There are additional fees for certain items. Visit the SSEF website for complete details.)  Recycle your items for a good cause!

    When: SATURDAY, September 17th, 10am-1pm

    Where: North Springs High School Parking Lot: 7447 Roswell Road

    More details: https://www.sandyspringseducationforce.org/electronics-drive/


    If you have not completed the digital signature process for the Student Code of Conduct, please take time to complete this very important task as soon as possible. 

    As we continue our work of providing a safe and nurturing environment for our students, our Office of Student Discipline strives to provide each parent/guardian and student with a copy of the District’s Student Code of Conduct.  Parents and students are able to sign for receipt of our Student Code of Conduct using our digital signature process. The link below contains a step-by-step “how to” guide for completing the process collecting signatures.

    How to...Parent & Student Code Receipt

    • All students above 10 years of age and their parents, guardians, or other person having control or charge of the child is asked to sign acknowledging receipt of the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.
    • Parents and students are able to sign by using their online portal or the app on their smartphone/device.
    • The Code of Conduct can be viewed via the website: https://www.fultonschools.org/studentdiscipline

    Recurring School Information

    September is Attendance Awareness Month

    Please click here to learn more about the importance of attendance!

    We are excited to kick off this school year with an exciting initiative to promote daily school attendance.  Attendance is an essential component to a student’s academic success. Often, the number of days that students are absent accumulate without parents realizing how many days have been missed. We need your partnership to make sure students attend school every day, all day.

    Activities for the Month:

    September 9th - FCS Districtwide Attendance Awareness Month Kickoff: Please wear your favorite sports team gear as we tackle attendance.  

    September 19th - 23rd   Attendance Awareness Week:

    Monday– Report to school like soldiers (Dress like soldiers/Camo)

    Tuesday- Be hip, stay all day, every day (Dress like Hippies)

    Wednesday- Coming to school is twice as important (Dress like a Friend/Twin day)

    Thursday- Roll into school on time every day (Dress like a Rock Star)

    Friday- Head for success by arriving on time (Wear a Hat)

    Meal Application

    This is a reminder that a NEW application must be completed for the 2022-2023 school year. The household is responsible for payment of meals until the Free and Reduced Application is approved. Free & Reduced Meal Applications are available anytime online.  Visit www.fulton.schoollunchapp.com to begin the online application process. Please send payment to add to your child’s account if you have not already done so. You may also pay online at www.mypaymentsplus.com. Students will be allowed to charge lunch meals to their account for a maximum of three days. Once the student has reached the charge limit, he/she will be offered a designated menu alternate meal.  

    If you have any questions concerning your child’s account, please give us a call.

    Birthday Celebrations

    As we begin the new school year, maximizing time for teaching and learning, the dropping off or sending in of birthday treats will be prohibited. Our Cafeteria may provide, at a cost to the parent, frozen treats, $1.00 each for your child, and their class. All treats are big 9 allergen-free, unless indicated. There are a variety of flavors and a non-dairy option. The birthday treat meets USDA requirements for smart snacks in school, and the Cafeteria Staff delivers to your child’s class for all to enjoy!! Be sure to sign-up and pay for this convenience during Open House/Sneak Peek.

    COVID Information

    Visit https://www.fultonschools.org/coronavirus for the latest information on our county’s Covid protocols. If you/your child are or were exposed to someone Covid-positive it is imperative that you complete the online reporting form at Covid Reporting Portal and wait for further instructions from Fulton County before sending your child back to school.

    Morning Carpool

    Just a reminder that our morning carpool will close at 7:35 each morning, so please plan accordingly. Late arrivals will need to park and walk students to our front door. Please have your child ready to exit from the passenger side when you pull up to our unloading area during morning carpool. Our staff is happy to open doors, but students should be ready to exit once you pull up, and students don’t need to wait for us if they are able to open their own doors. Students arriving after 7:40 are considered tardy and parents will need to sign them in at our front office.

    Emergency/Fire Lane

    We need your continued help and cooperation with parking. You may have noticed that we have now coned off parking to pick-up and/or drop-off in the front of the school. The Fire Marshal’s Office has asked us to remind motorists that it is illegal to park in any Fire Lane on school district property at any time as it is a safety issue for emergency vehicle access. Violators who park illegally in a Fire Lane on school property are subject to a fine. Thank you for your understanding in keeping safety paramount for our school community.

    Campus Parent/Parent Portal

    All parents have access to the Parent Portal. This is where parents can view assignments/grades, progress reports, and report cards. If you have not created an account, please see Fulton County’s website (fultonschools.org). Please call the front office if you need additional information on how to set up an account.

    Dismissal Changes

    While we encourage our students to go home the same way each day, we understand that changes do happen. If you need to make a change in your child’s transportation home, please complete our Dismissal Change Form and send it to school with your child.  Please do not email transportation changes to your child’s teacher – teachers do not always have time to check emails! Please contact our front office at 470-254-4020 if you have any questions about dismissal changes.


    Please remember that my door is always open and that I welcome any questions and/or concerns you may have. Feel free to contact me directly at leeld@fultonschools.org or Mrs. Truesdale at truesdale@fultonschools.org.


    In partnership,

    Principal Lee