• Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is an approach schools use to promote school safety and good behavior.

    With PBIS, schools teach kids about behavior expectations and strategies. The focus of PBIS is prevention, not punishment

    The foundation of PBIS at New Prospect is the four building-wide expectations: Pride, Attitude, Wise Choices, and Safety.



    Behavior Expectation Matrix

    The behavior matrix is a detailed description of expected behavior in each setting of the school. For example, on the playground we show positive attitude when we invite others to join, and use positive language. On the bus, we show safety by remaining seated on the bus.


    Teaching Expectations

    Throughout the school year, students will be taught how to behave according to the four expectations. Teachers will help students learn what the expectations “look” and “sound” like in every setting during the school day. These lessons will be re-taught and reinforced throughout the school year, and become a regular part of our instructional program.


    PBIS Recognition

    Acknowledging and reinforcing positive behavior is one of the best ways to change inappropriate behavior and encourage appropriate behavior. Our Panthers are divided into four house teams: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Students can earn DOJO points for their house teams. When goals are met, students enjoy picking PBIS prizes. A trophy travels through the winning house so participants can feel successful. Individual students are recognized through PAWS tickets, which can be pulled weekly in a raffle for prizes and privileges.


    PBIS Reflection Forms

    Even with clear expectations and positive reinforcement, sometimes children will behave inappropriately. To address inappropriate behavior, a PBIS reflection form has been implemented. This allows teachers to reflect with students about more positive behavioral choices. Teachers can use this reflection as a teaching tool. When given to a student, it comes home for parent signature, so you can discuss the behavior with your child.


     Parents/Guardians and PBIS

    To be successful, our behavior program needs to be a partnership between home and school. Throughout the school year the PBIS team will send updates and information about PBIS. We invite your comments, concerns and ideas to make PBIS work at our school.

    Please support PBIS at New Prospect by:

    • Reviewing behavior expectations with your child
    • Signing and returning the behavior matrix slip sent home with your child
    • Using the four expectations at home
    • Providing positive reinforcement (rewarding good choices with compliments or quality time) at home
    • Sharing comments with or asking questions of PBIS team members


    Panther Expectations