• Role of the School Counselors

    The counseling program is designed to help students understand themselves as individuals who have personal worth, potential, and unique abilities, but who also share social responsibilities. It is developmental in nature and attempts to provide a continuous sequence of activities to foster growth in the areas of personal development including interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, citizenship skills, study skills, self-management, self-concept, and communication skills. Counseling programs are proactive and preventive, seeking to meet needs and to avert crisis situations. Counselors offer individual and group counseling, classroom guidance, career education opportunities, school entry and schedule information. 

    Appointments with Counselors

    Counselors are available to all students and parents/gaurdians. Students may request an appointment in the counseling office. Parents/guardians may arrange for a conference or consultation by calling/emailing their child’s counselor for an appointment. Counseling is a voluntary and confidential service.