Grades: Here is what you need to know!

  • Taken from email sent to parents/guardians on April 30, 2021, from Ms. Agans.

    Grades: Here is what you need to know

    • If you have questions or concerns about a class, please contact your teacher immediately so s/he can help! Counselors and Admin are here to help as well, but the first contact should be your teacher. Schedule your makeups, recovery, and turn in those incompletes ASAP.
    • Students who complete ALL assignments (formative and summative) and are passing the course may exempt the final exam.
    • All students with an incomplete (any level) in any class and/or are failing a class MUST take their final exam in that class.
    • Exemption in one class does not mean you are exempt in all classes. Your exemption status is determined on a class-by-class basis.
    • If you are exempting final exams, you are still required to be in class for every period that class meets except the final exam period. No one is “done” until final exams. We are teaching until the last day of school.
    • Attendance is NOT a factor for exemptions.
    • The last day for 9th through 11th to turn in incompletes or recovery is May 13th.
    • On May 13th, teachers will start the process of changing “1”s to “I”s in the grade book. Depending on the number of “1”s, you will see a difference in the grade book. Please remember to look at the detail of all grades – a passing grade does not mean your student will earn credit for the course if there are “I”s.
    • For those who will need to clear an incomplete or failure from Fall or Spring semester, Summer School registration is open. You can sign up via the link on our webpage.
    • SENIORS – Fulton Virtual requires you to be at 80% complete with a passing grade by May 6. This is an FVS deadline, and I have no ability to move that date.
    • SENIORS – Your finals are early, and you will have until the 20th to turn in and pass all required classes for graduation. If you are not passing on 5/20, you will NOT walk in graduation on 5/22. I will be making phone calls to students and their families on 5/21 to let affected families know that their students will not walk in graduation. If you do not make the 20th, you may still turn in work until the end of the school year and get your diploma; you will just not be able to walk in the ceremony on the 22nd. I do NOT want to make those calls, but only those eligible for diplomas can walk in the ceremony. So, let’s get to work and FINISH STRONG!

    Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel – many are getting vaccinated and restrictions on outside mask use will be lifted on Monday. However, we are still in a place where positive cases are happening – we had three this week. Seniors, please be careful. High-risk exposure puts your ability to attend school and possibly graduation at risk. So, everyone, please remember to wear your mask indoors and avoid large gatherings as much as possible. I want you all to stay safe and stay well. GO BEARS!

    Ashley Agans
    Cambridge High School

Opened Digital Exams

  • Effective immediately, any student who opens a test but does not answer the questions will receive a “5” in the grade book.  A “5” should indicate to parents and students that the student opened the test but failed to complete it.  A student with a “5” for a test will then be subject to recovery rules – he/she may request a recovery test for up to a 79. 

    Reference: Parent/guardian email from Ms. Agans (4.14.21)


Grading and Attendance Guidance

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