If your child tests positive for COVID-19, he or she should NOT report to the building or any FCS facility but should immediately call the school’s front desk to report the positive status AND email Principal Smith at smithkl@fultonschools.org.

    The front office team member will alert the clinic aide (Ms. Shalanda Gardner), and she will call to discuss details and next steps. Once a positive case has been identified, the school will notify the entire staff and parent community by email.

    The school will work closely with the district and the Department of Public Health to determine which students or staff need to be quarantined if any. If that is the case, another email will be sent to those families and staff members, alerting them of that guidance. Students that are quarantined at home but can still complete work should continue to attend classes remotely. If a student is unable to participate in class, the parent should notify the teachers so they can mark the attendance accordingly.