Personal Fitness Waiver (2022-2023)

  • Starting in Fall 2022, the Cambridge School Governance Council has approved students' ability to waive the Personal Fitness Graduation Requirement under the following circumstances:

    • A student has completed one entire season of a GHSA sport (excludes One Act Play, Literary Competitions, and Esports) OR
    • Student has completed one full season of a non-GHSA sport
    • A student has completed one season of Marching Band
    • A student has earned 0.5 credit in Dance, Cirque, or Physical Education electives

    Non-GHSA sports must have a clear start and end date, a defined practice schedule, involve physical activity, and include a record of participation.  Program sponsors must provide documentation ensuring that a student has completed the above requirements in good standing.

    To receive the Personal Fitness Waiver, students must get a form from the Front Office to have their Coach or Director complete it.  The student must complete the online "Personal Fitness Waiver Request Form" form and turn in a hard-copy "Verification of Participation" form (with necessary signatures) to the Front Office.  The student will be alerted when the Personal Fitness Waiver is approved.  

    All Personal Fitness Waivers must be completed and approved by the end of the student's junior year.  

    Participation in one of the above activities prior to Fall 2022 will NOT count towards this new version of the waiver.  A full season, starting in the Fall of 2022, is required to earn the waiver.  This new waiver is based on approval by SGC in the Spring of 2022 and is not retroactive.

Verification of Participation Form

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