Video Message from Ms. Agans - October 22, 2020

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Face to Face or Remote Attendance

  • From the 10.5.20 Update from Ms. Agans (newsletter)

    We had a lot of students come into the building today that had chosen to be virtual. We also have a lot of students who have chosen to be F2F but are staying home virtually. All are asking teachers and staff to change their attendance and/or selection in Infinite Campus. We have been accommodating and working with teachers, students, parents, and staff throughout phase 3 (and now, again, in phase 4). I know this seems like a small thing, but with over 2,000 students, hundreds of changing elections have been a hardship for teachers and staff.

    So, on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, we will honor the selection made in Infinite Campus.

    • Students who come to the building, but opted to be virtual, will be sent home.
    • Students who opted to be F2F, but decided to stay home and participate virtually, will be marked absent. 

    Please know we have been flexible as we understand this is a difficult decision for our families. However, we cannot sustain this amount of time and resources indefinitely. Starting October 14, I am asking that if you opted to be virtual, please stay virtual.


Phase 3, 4 and f2f