• Innovation Academy’s comprehensive counseling program will focus on responding to students’ academic, social, emotional, and whole-person needs to help each student reach their maximum potential.

    The counselors (which will be assigned by alphabet) will collaborate with educators, parents, students and other stakeholders to address the unique needs of our students in a STEM magnet school and focus on the college/career preparatory experiences that will empower students to expand their horizons and begin to chart the path to their future goals.

IA counseling
  • College and career guidance will start when students are in 9th grade so they learn what is important in the college admissions process and have time to gain relevant skills, experience, and learn how to calculate and monitor their GPA

  • For additional questions about Innovation Academy, including curriculum, student supports, college and career counseling, graduation requirements or campus life, please free free to email kalmin@fultonschools.org