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    Please click on this link https://www.fultonschools.org/attendancematters to read the FCS mandatory protocols for 2023-2024 attendance policies, for which all parents/students are responsible for understanding.

    Some important reminders for Alpharetta High School students and parents:

    • To expedite check-outs, students should turn in check-out notes in the morning or parents can email johnsona24@fultonschools.org. Students should come to get a pass from the Attendance window to show their teachers then they can go straight to their rides after signing out with the Attendance office.  No one will need to come in to school to sign them out.
    • Students have 5 days after they return from an absence to turn in an excuse note to the Attendance window, or parents can email the excuse note to johnsona24@fultonschools.org.  Parents/guardians do not need to call the school.
    • Student IDs will be checked when students check-in or out of school.
    • All parents’/guardians’ IDs will be checked at the Attendance office before checking out a student.
    • If a student is sick during school hours, they must be checked out through the clinic.
    • Students must check-in/out at the Attendance Office when leaving or entering the school after the school day starts. 
    • Any absence known ahead of time that is not medical in nature (college visits, travel, etc.) must have a Pre-approval absence form signed and turned into the Attendance office 5 days before the absence.  Forms are in the Attendance office.
    • The attendance window opens at 8:10am. Students must conduct business at the attendance window during non-instructional time. Students will not be issued excused late passes because they were at the attendance office.  
    • The Attendance office closes for parent/guardian check-outs at 3:15 sharp.
    • The day before school holidays, parents must come to the Attendance office to check out their children. Please make sure you send a note in the morning with your child to give to the Attendance office, so he/she will be ready to meet you at the Attendance office when you come in to sign them out.
    • Please review all the attendance policies here and at the link above.

    • Regular attendance positively impacts student achievement. Studies have proven that frequent absences are a predictor of academic failure. Every AHS student must strive to attend school each day and arrive to class on time ready to learn. Since every day is important, “skip days” are not recognized, condoned or excused by the AHS administration.
    • Infinite Campus (IC) is an effective resource for following a student’s attendance record. For information regarding access to Infinite Campus, contact Donna Byrd at ByrdD@fultonschools.org.

    • Students may not leave campus without signing out through the Attendance window. In special circumstances, a parent must check out his/ her student through the Attendance window.
    • Parents/Guardians may be asked to submit doctor, dentist, court, or funeral documentation, etc., after a student has had seven (7) absences of any kind. By law, students with excessive absence rates will be referred to the school social worker, the grade level assistant principal, the student support team, and the State of Georgia.