IA Student

  • Looking for the IA Student

    IA Student Innovation Academy is a very different school, and we are looking for very different students. 

    • We are looking for inquisitive students who get the itch to figure something out that they don't understand. 
    • We are looking for students who like to get their hands dirty, literally or figuratively.
    • We are looking for students who like to take risks.
    • We are looking for students who are problem-seekers and problem-solvers. We're looking for students who are willing to take chances.
    • We are looking for students who are humble enough to ask questions and seek answers from others but confident enough to keep going when things aren't easy. 
    • We are looking for students who work well together and can lead a group and be led by others. 
    • We are looking for students who are nervous about trying something new but are excited by the opportunities it will give them. 


    As our students engage with our curriculum, work through their career pathways, and solve difficult and complex problems with what they have learned in class, they will gain the skills they need to be successful in the world after Innovation Academy. 

    The IA Graduate will:

    • Be comfortable taking risks. 
    • Have the confidence to tackle difficult problems and the humility to seek out the answers from others when necessary. 
    • Have the ability to create innovative solutions to complex problems.
    • Think critically and analyze information.
    • See things from multiple perspectives and understand them in different contexts.
    • Look at the world with curiosity and wonder.
    • Work well in teams, leading when appropriate and following when necessary.
    • Be kind to all others in our world.