• AVID - "Advancement Via Individual Determination" is an in-school academic support program that prepares students for college entry and success. Students who are accepted into the AVID Elective/Connections classes in 6th and 7th grades will enter into a specialized college prep experience. AVID Elective/Connections students will receive daily instruction and support to prepare for college from a specially trained AVID Elective teacher, AVID trained teachers in content areas on their grade level and an AVID on-site Support team. 

    AVID students will participate in a rigorous academic curriculum.  They will receive tutoring and support, grow leadership skills, learn strategies for organization and time management, explore colleges through research and campus visits and engage in family nights to educate and inform parents. 

    For more information about our AVID Connections elective, please contact Mrs. Thelesia Barksdale. Applications for the upcoming school year will be published on our website (right side), in Titan Talk (for 6th grade), and in the AVID classroom.

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    Renaissance Middle School is seeking AVID Tutors.  Email Theleisa Barksdale to find out how you can become an AVID Tutor!